K Watching and More

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I haven’t been writing anything about what I have been watching lately because of my schedule and because my laptop has given up on me. That’s the sad truth; my beloved laptop that has been with me for the past 5 years has finally broken down. Luckily, I was able to buy its replacement, I named it Agent O because its color is orange, makes sense doesn’t it? Right, so what have I been watching?

Today, as a test run, I watched We Got Married Global Edition – Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina; surprisingly, I finished their whole stint and squeed to my heart’s content. They are so cute and Hong Ki is adorable as ever. Well, I have openly admitting that I adore Hong Ki, I’ve written several post about him already and I know it’s gonna accumulate some more what with me being into his currently airing drama Bride of the Century. It’s fun so far and one of these days I’ll be starting my musing for every episode (I finished programming my “baby” today, test runs are done and I am good to go) and what I can say is, its jjang!

Another on my watch list is I Miss You; I finished two episodes so far and Yeo Jin-goo, that kid is proving to be a noona killer in the making. Loved that scene where he cheekily say “yogi kaji” and smiled. Such a tease this kid, I can’t believe he’s jailbait. I guess I won’t be seeing much of him in this drama though; the ending hinted that it’s headed to the time jump but I know it won’t take long before he’ll be getting his own lead role.

Next on the watch list is the last 6 episodes of I Need Romance 3; I know, I’m way behind on this one but RL is really taking most of my time lately. I’ve read in dramabeans that it has been neatly tied although what I am curious about is that was there even a slight display of “alone time” in the last episodes? I guess I’ll be finding out soon enough.

As I mentioned, I’m watching Bride of the Century and it’s proving to be fun and interesting so far. Of course I am watching it because of Hong Ki and this I have to say he’s doing awesome portraying his role as a “heartless” chaebol while Yang Jin-sung is completely a breath of fresh air as a sunny poor girl from the county. I especially like the ghost, she is something.

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So far that’s all I have in my plate. There’s plenty of dramas that came out since the last week of February that it’s overwhelming and I’m still undecided if I am to watch some of them. Personally I am intrigued by Three Days and I also want to start watching Empress Ki but I guess I’ll wait for a bit; my time is still limited. I would greatly appreciate and love suggestions though, it’s welcomed and I am looking forward to it.