The Pen

For whomever the pen writes is a mystery,

An enigma I so wanted to unravel;

Yet in the process I discovered – is knowing that important,

Or is it more than sufficient that it writes?

How the pen writes is another fascinating thing

That I can’t seem to shake off my head;

Sometimes gibberish – ambiguous; yet more often surprisingly profound,

Showing depths of unexplored possibilities, or is it?

What the pen writes is another curious thing,

Cause it gives off variety of reactions –

Good, bad; happy, sad – melancholic,

It is certain – the pen can drive you mad!

The reality though that sometimes gets unnoticed,

Is that the pen writes mostly for who holds it,

It writes the way the holder directs it to,

It expresses what the holder feels – wishes and hopes for.

Thus the next time you hold a pen, give it a good think –

The message I want to go across, what really is it?

Do I spread hatred or otherwise give the world a bit of love,

Or just let myself be the pen, move freely with every dots and curve?

The Awakening

At first there was but sorrow,

Questions about tomorrow.

Never to come, not likely –

Falling to uncertainty.

Second came the acceptance –

“All is going to be well.”

Fate, most likely is a chance,

To hear those melodious bell.

Yet longing is a problem,

As is with expectation.

Unquenchable it may seem,

Difficult situation.

Thus comes imagination,

Yearning continuation.

Soaring high, delving in depths,

Mostly unexplored yet felt.

Awakened; here – a brain child,

My story yet not really.

Just my thoughts going all wild –

Picturing what should have been.

An Unexpected Milestone

100 posts, yes, that’s right, you’re eyes are not playing with you; that’s what I was telling myself after seeing the WordPress notification. One. Hundred. Posts. I still can’t believe I posted that much, did I really? How? Seriously, I can’t help but smile.

In all honesty, I didn’t think I’d be posting regularly or this much. I’ve created blog after blog and my willingness to write last only a few weeks and then I’d disappear altogether leaving the blog all hollow and empty, yup, I’m all lazy like that. And no, I won’t say I don’t feel any laziness nowadays because I do, I fail to post what I want to post sometimes like before, the only difference is I feel guilty knowing  I didn’t write anything on those days that I said I would. Bizarre right; where did that came from? I dunno either. Or maybe I know but I didn’t think it would be such a great motivation. I owe it all to being a former agent.

Another unexpected thing is that I am actually having fun blogging, which I didn’t quite experience before, well maybe because I didn’t really write anything much in my previous blogs or something, whatever. I really don’t have any idea as to why but I am finding it fun and I think the fact that I didn’t expect it just adds so much more to that joy. Somehow when these thoughts crosses my mind I’d think my wish to preserve what I have learned while working as a call center agent took me such a long way without me knowing or realizing it.

Ultimately, I got to reconnect with the old me, the aspiring poet in me which I also think as an achievement because I thought I’ve lost that side in me through the years and I’m thankful that it’s still there, and it is now out in the open again. And somehow, sometimes, I feel like I’m the old me again, finding poetry in everything happening around me, from the flying birds that I see to the flowing water.

It’s not just writing too, it’s designing as well. Who would have thought that I’d be into photo editing at this age and really enjoy it? True I love taking photos but before being hooked with blogging, I never designed anything at all and it’s quite a revelation for me that I have it in me to design something; it’s amazing and extremely interesting.

So yes, one hundred post; in almost 4 amazing yet not so perfect months. I am not promising that I’ll be posting a hundred more, but one thing I know is I won’t be stopping anytime soon;  because I’m rather like a gambler, sort of winning and somehow can’t get to stop.

As I Strive to Develop, Grow and Remember

As the year ends and as I continue to get comfortable in my own home in the internet, I decided to be sort of systematic. Well it is sort of more because I think I do better or I function well enough if I have a goal or something. Look at how I nailed the 30 day blog challenge in nearly 30 days, that’s something. It would also be an encouragement for me to never give up and take on new things and don’t be overwhelmed just because it’s something I haven’t done before. I would also get to change, improve and polish my writing skills and thought process.

What am I babbling about? Well I came up with things or topics that I would write about on a daily basis, an upgrade of the 30 day blog challenge, a weekly challenge or a guideline of sort, a theme per day, you get the gist. Here’s what I came up with:

~ Monday – I’ll write about a certain song that I listened to or listening to or I listened to and now on repeat in my music player (also known as my iPhone.) That makes Mondays music day or That Tune on a Monday.

~ Tuesday – Since I watch and read way too much, I have way too much quotes that I like and sometimes forget. Thus writing about it doesn’t only make me completely analyze the quote, it makes me remember it easily too, because I can check it out anytime. Thus Tuesdays are about quotes or As I Quote Tuesday.

~ Wednesday – I’ll be posting poems that I wrote or the stories behind a dish that I cooked, whichever comes first and makes Wednesday either Poetry Wednesday or Wednesday’s Kitchen Stories.

~ Thursday – I’ll write about Korean Dramas/Movies that I watched; it’s either some musing, recaps (hoping to be brave enough to take that on,) reviews or some hopefully not so serious fangirling. It’s a day filled with drama, so calling it Dramatic Thursday is more than fitting.

~ Friday – is a rest day, it’s the weekend after all.

~ Saturday – English is not my native language, and as much as possible, I try to learn a new English word everyday (thanks to my Dictionary app it’s a whole lot easier now.) That said every Saturday; I am going to post about my word of the day or That Word This Saturday.

~ Sunday – this day I’ll be posting anything and everything, the choice is endless making Sundays Purely Random Sunday.

It’s very ambitious right? I thought so too but then it’s encouraging, it’s making sure that I write or continue to write. My pronunciation is already in danger; I can’t risk my grammar too.

In closing, with this I hope to develop at least my writing skills, grow with experience as I write one word after the other and remember the feeling, reaction and thought behind each word.

[Day 17] Out of Habit, a Hobby! (List 3 hobbies you enjoy.)

The challenge today is to list 3 hobbies that I enjoy and the first question that came to mind is “does sleeping counts?” Bizarre right, well I am nuts plus I’m in a pissed off mood when I read the challenge so there you go.

A few deep breaths later, I re-read the question and with my head somewhat clear, I came up with my hobby list below in order:

1. Cooking – it’s more of a necessity, not just a hobby. Whenever I’m in the crappiest mood ever or if everything around me is going wrong, I cook. When everything else, all the attempt to cheer me up after a very bad day fails, I cook. Cooking helps me calm down, I don’t exactly know how and why but it does make me forget everything that’s bothering or bothered me.

2. Singing – It’s something that I started doing when I was three (3) years old. I can still remember how my dad would make me stand on top of our table and I would sing Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Also, it’s not just a hobby; I think it’s the Filipino in me. We love to sing, that’s a fact.

3. Reading & Writing – for me it goes together.  After I read, I write or after I write, I read although I learned to do the latter first. I learned how to write when I turned three, of course it’s the basic long lines and then circle and my mother is my teacher. I think I took writing seriously when I turned nine if I remember it correctly; it was around that time when I had the guts to express what I feel in writing, at first it was just the normal essays and prose until I channeled it to poetry.

I started serious reading when I turned 8, that book was the Bible. I stuck to it mostly because of my being stubborn even at that early age. I remember my grandfather would throw his slippers at me whenever he sees me reading the Bible, at some point he beat me too, but I continued reading and I never stopped. Reading is a means of escape from the real world, even for a very short time. It gives you that knowledge that crap could happen to anybody and that things are meant to be better in the end because how much worst can it be right? It also gives you never ending information, whatever it is that you want to know. To me reading is addictive like coffee, because the more I read, the more I crave to read some more.

My hobbies that didn’t made the top 3:

* Blogging

* Dancing

* Audiophile

* Videophile

* Star Gazing

Not so interesting right? Well, those are my hobbies. What about you, what’s your hobby?