Weekend Song Obsession: Titanium

And it’s my weekend again and like a usual weekend, I sort of devote today to house chores, rest and if possible, catch up with some of the dramas. Well I covered the chores and some of the rest but I can’t bring myself to watch some dramas because I am obsessing with this:

I’ve been playing this over and over in different version thanks to Soundcloud, I was even singing to it as I take my hour long bath. Sorry, that’s an overshare but either way, it does stress how forgone my obsession is and I have a feeling it’s gonna continue on until later. Oh well, let’s have a break from dramas then plus there’s no episode 14 of My Love From Another Star this week anyways.

Here’s another proof that I am currently obsessing with this song, surprisingly I had the guts to upload me singing it at soundcloud, you’re welcome to listen at your own risk. I won’t take responsibility for your bellyache if you laugh so hard because of it.

Anyways, Annyeong, I’m just passing by and while I’m at it, I would like to say Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Time, Never Enough

I never thought that day would come, that day when I’d finally say something in this context: my time is not enough. Shocking; even I can’t believe myself that I’m saying that but I do, and my time is definitely not enough. How did I realize it? It happened last Friday, which is my off day. It’s a whole day off, a WHOLE day but it felt like it passed by in a snap, alas, it was over before I knew it and I didn’t even get to do everything that I want to and I have this big plan in my head. Right so here’s what happened and what I was really planning on doing:

The original plan is to finish the house chores and then catch up on the dramas, I still have plenty of dramas that I have to watch, then there’s also those currently airing that I am up to date with. Simple right, it is simple, but it never happened although I did get to watch those currently airing dramas but I didn’t get to the marathon part. Why? Well, first there was the matter of cooking which is important and which is something unavoidable because I am not at home where my mother prepares the meals or if not her, it’s my father. Then there’s the laundry, again it is important and unavoidable and the same goes with cleaning and sweeping the floor, you know, the basic.

One more thing is I had a quite long conversation with my parents; they are visiting my aunt’s place because it’s the feast day of our town’s patron saint – Saint Anthony Abbot. My cousin lend her iPhone to them and I got to see two of my aunts from my father’s side of the family and a few cousins. I was a bit envious with all the food they’re consuming and of course because I wasn’t present again but things can’t be helped. After that conversation, I had a talk with my 2nd brother regarding budgeting and the latest things at home, how’s the situation; I love having him as a brother because I can worry less, I know he can take care of everything although of course the support is ever present.

By the time I finished my conversation with my bother it’s already evening, I prepared my lunch for the next day, took a bath and went insane for a bit and decided to move to the other room. Yes, in the last minute I decided to change rooms. A housemate of mine moved out because her husband came from the Philippines thus making the space she used to occupy empty. I’ve been thinking since she moved out if I should move to her space or what and in the end I did, and it took a lot of work. Until now, I still couldn’t believe that I was able to move those beds around on my own, yay Iron Girl! Well not really, my back still aches, I am definitely getting old.

Around 12am I finished moving and tidying up; everything was arrange as neatly and organized as I could and I was all exhausted. Even if I still want to watch at least an episode or something, I can’t really feel that happening so I cleaned up and went to bed because Saturday is already a working day and I hate being late to work. I fell asleep contemplating how time was too short, it was not enough.

Still, I’ll still try, things will work out somehow. Or I can always take a week or so of local leave if ever. Now that’s a thought, hmmm; might work though I’m not really sure. There’s too little time and there’s plenty of dramas, I now believe those words, completely, it is accurate and appropriate indeed.