[That Tune on a Monday] Mad

I was going through the ringtones that I’ve collected over time the other day, thinking of deleting some in my attempt to free spaces in my iPhone (I’ve already removed most of the games and some of the songs but I’m still not contented) and I came across this song and had to pause. Ah of course, that song by Ne-Yo, if feels so long time ago and it is but the charm is still there.

It’s funny how some songs can make you smile and sad at the same time, what do they call that again, bittersweet; ah yes, bittersweet, a strange combination of the bitter and the sweet. And now I’m reminiscing what I’ve kept behind me all this time.

True, we buried the hatchet and decided to go on our separate ways although sometimes the messages are still there, it’s not like I’d jump on that same ship again. I had enough. Although I’ll remember you everytime I hear this song, I’ll dwell on the sweet not the bitter after all that was one of the good times of my life, and we did comply with the lyrics of this song. I don’t think I can remember a time that I went to bed mad at you, Y; well not until that day you walked out that door that is.