On Repeat: Pull and Pull – 2PM

I’m taking a very, very short break from writing my current project because I have been very distracted. Thank you very much Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the very distracting feeds that you’re showing on my timeline; you can really take a woman’s time regardless if she doesn’t have much in her hand or what. But then no regrets, I saw what I wanna see and I am indeed thankful. That last word of gratitude is less peppered with sarcasm than the first one or is not containing any hint of sarcasm at all, maybe.

Right so the current song on repeat in my player is Pull and Pull by 2PM off their album Go Crazy! I’ll be honest though that my favorite track off the album is Rain is Falling (비가와; bigawa) mainly because of its sad theme. Yes, I always go for the sad song every time though I did like Pull and Pull as well when I first listened to it. Curious that I’m listening to Pull and Pull instead of Rain is Falling, right? Well, I got curious. Someone mentioned that he likes this song and I am all “why, what’s with that song?” All I can think of is it really gives off that very sexy feel and that’s it. So I checked the translation and what do you know, there just might be more to it than sexiness. And I am lost in my delusional world all over again. Who wouldn’t, I mean, just read along:

Hello Pretty girl
My sweetheart
When I look at you
It’s like a glow world
You dazzle and shine
I can’t even look at you
Except like this

(Get low)
You and I in Slow motion
(Let it go)
However my heart leads me
I can’t wait so I text you first again

(So I just want you girl
Can always be together)
So you can come to me
(So wanna touch you girl
Can always read your mind)
So you can fall for me girl

I’m gonna lay you down
Wanna lay you down
I’m gonna lay you down
(So I just want you girl
Can always be together)

Every time I open my eyes in the morning
I want you to be next to me
When I see you closing your eyes, I want to kiss you
Your perfect face, your soft lips
I’m amazed, oh my god, you’re so beautiful

(Get low)
Every day, I’m in Slow motion
(Let it go)
This makes you angry again
You pull ahead in our conversation but look so calm
So again today, I’ll lay you down just like yesterday

Please know
That I have no choice
Even if I may seem pathetic sometimes

I’m your baby
You’re my lady
I can’t stop

So pull & pull & pull to feel
No push & pull but I love u girl in love

I don’t think there’s any explanation needed anymore as to why someone likes this song, the lyrics speaks for itself; and truly it give me so much hope; not that I’m out of it although of course, most probably, it’s just me.

Lyrics Source | popgasa |


Falling in Love With IU

Out of curiosity and since I’ve been listening to the song Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom by High4 featuring IU, I’ve decided to check out IU’s songs on YouTube, I seem to be really loving that site lately anyways. Right, so I checking out IU’s songs prove to be an awesome idea; yes, it is an awesome idea. It’s an awesome idea to continue on this journey of immersing myself with all this goodness which is Kpop. I sound obsessed, I guess I am a bit, just a bit.

So, IU; hmmm.. The first song that I listened/watched and sealed my love for this adorable girl is this:

To say that I fell in love a few seconds of watching the MV is not an exaggeration on my part, I have a thing for girls playing the guitar being a frustrated guitar player myself and seeing her use the pluck strum technique, at the back of my head I know, I’m so into her already. Anyways, enough with being dreamy about IU and back to the MV; visually, well in all honesty, she is adorable, really cute. I like seeing her on screen. The story as projected in the MV though is a bit confusing from the feel that I am getting from the music itself so I mostly closed my eyes and feel every beat and her sweet melodious voice. I’m not saying that I do not like the concept of the MV, it’s just that the feel is that of a “love” love song and the MV’s concept has a guy being friend zoned and that’s sad.

Basing on the melody and music though, it’s a keeper. It gives this feel good feel like the world is painted pink, rosy with roses pink. Its cotton candy sweet, bone melting and smooth that leaves you almost weightless as a feather. I love how all the musical instruments come together and blended so well with IU’s voice, it’s just so lovely, makes me wanna fall in love or something similar to that.

And of course, the most important part for me, the lyrics: this seems to be a real trend, Friday in love. It’s not the first Friday song I’ve ever heard, The Cure has Friday I’m in Love and I happen to breathe that song not so long ago. The lyrics is wonderfully written, and the story I’m picturing with it is very far from the MV itself but it is all fine with me, since I would be listening to it more than I’ll be watching it anyways.

Ultimately, this song made it to my feel good playlist, something that I would listen to if I wanna feel that tingly feeling in my toes, or when I drink hot choco with marshmallows or  if I wanna feel in love. And I think I am in love with IU. This is another great find and I guess I won’t stop looking at all. I’m enjoying myself so much.

Getting into the Groove with MBLAQ

Or my completely dimwitted way of saying “a written reaction to Be a Man’s MV”

Right, so I never thought this day would come that I’d be writing something like this; who would have thought. But I guess it’s something inevitable, something that was on the way or maybe has already arrived but I refuse to acknowledge, or maybe more than that. Anyway, it’s too late to turn back, and since I’m already here anyways, by that I mean I am already into K-ent, why not go all the way. Thus, I am embracing it fully and taking the plunge.

A few weeks ago.. Wait, let me check my calendar to be sure.. *checking calendar* Yup, a few weeks ago, out of curiosity and because I’ve been receiving tweets from @soompi and reading post all over fb and some blogs that I follow, I watched the MV of Be a Man by MBLAQ. Admittedly, it’s not really my first time to watch a Kpop MV; I’ve watched a few – EXO’s, Wonder Girls’, Taeyang’s and some other, the occasion though, is rare. I don’t count watching FT Island’s MVs as watching Kpop because for me, FT Island is more K-alternative rock-ish band. I do count them as a boy band though because they are all boys and in a band.

Well, enough of my fixation with FT Island for now, as I said, I watched the MV of MBLAQ’s Be a Man and surprise, surprise, hot stuff:

From my visual perspective, it’s no doubt a feast for the eyes: awesome choreography, editing and phasing; not to mention hot boys in suits, just the right ingredients for a hearty, scrumptious feast for the eyes. As for the musicality, they have done an exemplary job of putting together an awesome mix of R & B and Soul with a twist of modern jazzy pop that makes me wanna bust my dancing shoes off its hiding place. And no I am not claiming to be a dancer, but I do like to dance especially if the occasion calls for it.

And most importantly, the lyrics; yes, I am very critical when it comes with the lyrics, must be the frustrated poet in me or something; anyways, the lyrics, it’s heartfelt and sad. You would think that because it is an upbeat-ish song it has a lovey dovey lyrics or something, wrong! It’s expressed with the way MBLAQ sung each single line of the lyrics – yearning and indecision. I particularly love the rap part, the way it sounded so sarcastic yet heartbreaking, that’s somehow a feat to express, I’m completely impressed.

To sum it all up, the picture this MV painted in my head is that of a guy, dancing and expressing his heart out trying to reach out to his lover who dumped him; somehow insisting that she is his air. Inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. Wicked! It’s such a good idea that I checked this MV, well probably not so good since I just took another step towards the point of no return but who cares. I’m going to explore some more and this is definitely not the last time I’ll be watching an MLAQ MV, that I am sure.

I’m In The Mood For: Lee Hong-ki’s Songs

I’ve been listening to songs by FT Island since morning, because I just can’t get enough of Lee Hong-ki’s voice specially today. His voice is so awesome to my ears it’s illegal, not to mention he looks abso-bloody-lutely adorable it’s ridiculous! I mean how soulful can this be:

Then there’s this too:

Of course some of their songs just wanna make you move it:

There’s also this re-donk-cilous song off the Heirs ost

So yes, I am in the mood for Hong-ki’s and FT Island’s songs, just because I’m giddy and everything else.

That’s Why

I was in one of those moods, you know, in your own bubble, pretending to shoot your own music video like the ones you watch on youtube with all the dramas and stuff. I think I did provide the drama, just picture me: at the balcony, sitting alone overlooking the golf course, music player in hand on shuffle (AKA my iPhone,) headset secured in ears and a lollipop (that’s necessary, am trying to quit from something,) it’s dramatic right?

This song played and I can’t help but think did I ever do that break up thing or what? Was I in one? I think my style of break up is more on just falling apart and losing contact and that’s it, the end. Was there a closure? Nope, and come to think about it that must be one of the reason why it hurts more and the mystery of not knowing the reason of falling apart?

I’ll never get to understand why, at least I stopped trying and I did say I’m glad to be on my own right now, I just got curious because of the song which I went a few inches to actually look for an English translation (credits to pop!gasa) and it’s as follow:

The Real Reason We Broke Up


The real reason we broke up
I wonder if you know
Although right now,
You probably don’t care at all

The more I understood you, the farther away you got
You didn’t even get angry like before
The more we tried, the more boring you and I got

It was just the heart fluttering that I wanted
It was just the beginning that you looked at me
There is no real reason why we broke up
You just didn’t love me
There’s no other reason

Oh you just never loved me
Oh now everything is clear

The real reason I loved you
You probably don’t know
Yes, if you did know
You wouldn’t have left me so easily

You dreamed of a new love
I dreamed of an eternal love
The things we looked at were so different, you and I

Each of us wrote of a different love
Each of our ends remain in a different way
There’s no reason for me to forget you completely
If I’m to be left alone here anyway
I’ll stay a bit longer

I had a bad dream
That I fell for you, who came back to me once again
That I accepted you, who just came back however you wanted

The lyrics are so true, well at least for me. It was just the beginning that’s sweet; keeping it that way didn’t really happen. Well I guess somehow I got my answer. And that is why this is my LSS today.

My LSS cum Acceptance

Cryptic title right, I think so too but who cares, I’m bad at titles and I know very well about that. Title aside, I’ve been having a battle with myself lately. I’m in denial and I am having this inner struggle if I’m going to accept the truth and be free or just continue hiding in my closet. That thought was processed for a week, yes; I needed a full week to process if I’m going to let you know of my current dilemma and that I have come to accept the inevitable (I just so hope my close friend is not reading right now.)

This is it, the moment of truth. I have an ICOMYM, I know it’s not such a big deal because after all, it’s not as if I am going to go as far as to cross a country to stalk the kid or something, well maybe the web is an enough means of stalking (LOL) still, it’s not so bad (that’s me consoling myself.)

It kind of started a few months ago, while my obsession of Korean Drama was at an all time high that I finish a series after the other; back when I devour one whole series in more or less three days (that is if it’s a 16 episode series) I came across with a particular series with an awesome soundtrack and me being me, I had to download it, it all started there. I noticed the voice right away, it stands out. It has this unexplainable quality that can melt you or break you depending on the melody, but I didn’t really pay much attention because, after all, I haven’t completely embraced K-pop, I was just watching K-dramas (trust me to reason with myself.) Thus, as I said, I didn’t pay attention only to fall deep in the end.

I heard that voice again mid October; he sang one of the songs on the OST of “The Heirs” my official drama crack of the year.  It got me really curious, who is the voice behind the song, who is that guy? I guess everyone knows what a person like me would do in this situation, ask your best friend, I mean everybody’s best friend: Google.

A few clicks and URLs later, I found out who the guy behind the voice was and I was surprised to know that he was one of the actors of that particular series with an awesome soundtrack that I downloaded; and he’s only 23! Well, I brushed that last detail aside. Turns out he’s in a band named F. T. Island as a lead singer. More clicks later, earphones plugged in (I love how dramatic and rebellious it looks) I listened to one song after the other and lo, I was hooked! I think I listened to the band’s song the whole day but I didn’t get tired of it. I can’t explain how appealing his voice is, it’s husky, melodic with angst, and it really stands out, not to mention the songs are actually good, melody and all.

One particular song really hit me hard and I have been singing it in my head for more than a week now and I am admitting that I have a fever, the K-pop fever and the first band that I am into is F. T. Island all because I was hypnotized by Lee Hong Ki’s voice (not to mention his looks) and as I have mentioned, I admit to having an ICOMYM and I guess it’s all fine, there’s nothing so bad about it.

Here’s my current LSS, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do: