A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 8


Chapter 8: “My Love, My Comfort and Resting Place Part 1”

The world is spinning, literally, Wooyoung thought.  He’s currently at the airport lounge with his groupmates, waiting to board their flight. Thankfully he made it on time despite the hangover that he’s currently nursing. It’s worth it, this headache is worth it, he said to himself. In actuality, he wishes to be at home, but he knows that’s not possible, not unless he really wants to be in trouble that is.

“Wooyoung-ah, are you okay?” asked Minjun as he sat to the seat next to him. “You look really puffy; having a hangover are we?”

Neh, Hyung, I have a very bad hangover. I feel it’s better to not have a head right now,” he said in confirmation.

“Why, what happened? I thought you’ll be completely rested today; well not completely but I didn’t expect you having a hangover,” Minjun looked at him quizzically. “You said Seyoung-sshi doesn’t drink alcohol.”

“She doesn’t but her father is a very good drinker; that or I was completely cheated into drinking too much last night,” he said, grimacing a bit because of the memory.

Yah, you met your future father in law last night? Daebak!” Minjun said then turned to their groupmates. “Yedera, eri wa. Wooyoung-ie is all grown up; he drank with his future father in law last night!”

Chincha? Eotteohke? Is that why your face was almost fully covered when you entered the airport gate?” Taecyeon asked as he makes his way to where Wooyoung and Minjun were, the other members closely following him.

“How did you survive?” asked Nichkhun as he sat on the other side of Wooyoung’s seat.

“Yes, we want to know that. I mean, okay, it’s like you survived by a hair or something but still, what happened?” asked Junho, who took the seat across Wooyoung.

“Wah, you’re really asking me to tell you the story right now in this state, I’m so numb,” Wooyoung said and took a sip of his black coffee. “But you know, I thought I was going to die.”

Wae, wae? Was it that bad? Come on tell us, goomgeumme jukesso!” said Chansung, they have completely surrounded Wooyoung by now and they’re all uncaring of his hangover, they only care about how he got it.

“Well, first it was the kid, you know her niece. I promised to buy her some food, the kid situation was okay – she saw the movie and keut, she’s happy,” he said. “Chansung-ah komapta, your movie suggestion is jjang.”

Kure, you’re welcome. But what happened? How did your meeting with your future father in law go?” asked Chansung.

“It went the way I did not expect it to. You know, her father could be an actor, he really got me nervous at first,” he said while holding his head in his both hands. “Ahh, I really, really thought I’ll be grilled to the bone.”

Yah, we have an idea how you’re going to feel but what happened? Come on just spill already,” said Junho, clearly getting impatient.

“Well at first it was…” started Wooyoung when his phone rang. He smiled automatically when he saw Seyoung’s name register on the screen. He signaled to his groupmates that he is going to take the call and they snickered in unison at how he looked when he finally answered.

“Yes, annyeong, how are you?” Wooyoung said as greeting.

“Wooyoung-ah, it’s me, Seyoung-ie,” said Seyoung on the other line.

“Ara, that’s why I said how are you?”

“I’m okay and I want to ask how you are? Uhdiyah?  At the airport? Are you okay?” she asked.

Yah, cheoncheonhi; one at a time. First I’m okay, though I have a headache, I think I’ll live. And yes I am at the airport, waiting to board the plane,” he answered. “Neo, uhdiyah?”

“On location, filming; taking a short break. So you made it on time. That’s a relief,” she said. “When are you coming back?”

“I haven’t even left and you’re asking when I’m coming back?” he teased her, just because he was given the chance. “After a couple of days; I miss you already.”

“You’re really gonna tease me every chance you get huh?” she said, feigning annoyance for a few seconds. “I miss you too, but you have to work and so do I. Did you take anything for your hangover?” she asked.

“Yes, and I’m drinking black coffee right now.”

Yah, black coffee is not good for a hangover. Drink water.”

Arasso. Aigoo, uri Park Seyoung-ie, are you that worried about me? Nomo joah,” he teased.

Kure, I am worried. Because of me you have a hangover, how can I not worry?”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about me. At least your father knows now that I’m serious, that I really love his daughter.”

“Well, there is that,” she said. “They’re calling for me already. Take care, have a safe flight okay. Call or message me when you land.”

“Alright, you take care too. I hope you’re not wearing see-through clothes right now. Saranghae.”

“Nado, saranghae and I’m not wearing see-through today. Kkeunhno.

Algetsuebnida, gongjunim,” said Wooyoung before hanging up. He turned to his groupmates who were covering their mouths in disbelief.

Yah, that is so goosebump inducing! Where did you learn that?” asked Minjun, teasing.

“You’re right Minjun-ah, I thought I was going to puke or something,” added Nichkhun.

“Look who’s talking, you can be worse than him when you’re on the phone with your girlfriend,” said Taecyeon.

“Really? But I don’t call my girlfriend gongjunim,” Nichkhun defended himself.

Hyung, even if you don’t call her that, the way you talk to your girlfriend is so… Ah, I don’t have the words,” Junho said.

Yah, why is the talk diverted to me? We should be questioning Wooyoung, he was on the phone, not me,” Nichkhun said.

“That’s right, leave Nichkhun hyung for another day. Where were we Wooyoung-ah, what happened when you met your future father in law?” asked Chansung who is really curious about what happened.

Kugeu,  itchana…” Wooyoung started to say just as it was announced that they can now board the plane going to their destination.

Aish!” said the five altogether in frustration.

“Let’s go, we have to board the plane now,” said Wooyoung, happy to have escaped the questioning at least for now. He knows it’s going to happen one of these days and he’s okay with that but not now. His head is really heavy he just wants to sleep the two hours flight away.

Kaja, yedera. Wooyoung-ah, we’ll get you later,” said Minjun.

“Don’t miss out any detail or we’re gonna wrestle you for it,” added Taecyeon.

Arassoyo, hyung. Later,” Wooyoung obliged, weakly.

At times like this, he really wishes that they do not know anything about his relationship because as much as he cares about his groupmates, he cares about keeping some privacy to himself. I guess it can’t be helped this time around, he thought as they make their way to board the plane.

“I THINK SEYOUNG-AH LOOKS BETTER NOW THAN A WHILE AGO, don’t you think so, Sangwoo-ah?” said Mi-sook, Seyoung’s mother in her drama Glorious Day.

“I think so too Sunbaenim, she looks relieved about something. Does this have something to do with someone who’s currently going crazy?” teased Sangwoo.

Sunbae,” Seyoung said, feigning ignorance. “It’s nothing like that,” she added, trying hard not to blush.

“Yeah, nothing, like you’re believable with that blush on your face. It’s okay, just be careful,” Sangwoo adviced.

“Be careful about what?”

“Nothing, if you really want to put it that way, it’s fine. Just remember and accept that the general public can be scary sometimes,” Sangwoo said.

“He’s right Seyoung-ah, keep that in mind. Listen to your Sunbaes,” Mi-sook agrees.

Arassoyo, Sunbaenim. I’ll keep your words in mind,” she accepted.

“Okay people look lively; this is one of the last scenes. Get ready,” called the director. “Hana,tul, set, action!”

I WONDER IF HE’S REACHED HIS HOTEL ALREADY, said Seyoung to herself. The director gave them an hour long break before shooting the final scene. She closed her eyes for a few second and reached for her pouch to check her phone. Sure enough, there’s a Missed Call and a message from Wooyoung. The message read:

Seyoung-ah, the plane landed and we’re now at the hotel. I slept all throughout the plane ride and I’m feeling better; don’t worry. We’re gonna rest for a bit then head straight for rehearsals. I know it’s your last shooting day, good luck! Fighting uri yeochin. ❤

She typed a quick reply:

I’m happy and relieved that you’re feeling better. That’s good to know. Good luck on your performance too, uri sarangseuron namchin. ❤

She pressed send, made sure that the message was sent for good measures then returned the phone in her pouch. She was checking herself out on the mirror when her phone rang – it’s Wooyoung. She hurriedly answered the phone.

“Wooyoung-ah, how’s the rehersal?”

“Difficult and fun at the same time; we’re given a 10 minute break and I wanted to hear your voice badly.”

Wae? Is something wrong?”

Ani, geunyang it comforts me.”

“Hmmm, you’re really having a tough time.”

“It’s not that. It’s just when I hear your voice, I feel like being wrapped in my blanket. You know that feeling?”

“You mean feeling sleepy?”

Yah, it’s not like that.”

“I know, I’m just kidding. It’s comforting to hear your voice too. It’s like coming home.”

“Yes, to a resting place where I don’t need to put up any image or try so hard to please everyone.”

Ne, that exactly,” she said. “I have to go; I want to check my lines for the last time before we shoot.  I’ll message you later.”

“Seyoung-ah, I want to ask you something,” he said.


Will you give me a kiss when I get back?”

“Jang Wooyoung-ie! Here I thought.. Concentrate on your performance. I have to go,” she said turning crimson. This guy is really unpredictable sometimes.

“Answer me first, palli..”

“Do you really want it that much that I kiss you first?”

“Yes,” he said firmly.

Arasso, I’ll think about it until you get back. Am hanging up now,” she said then pressed the end button. Honestly with what she’s planning, she just might really kiss him first like he wanted.


On Repeat: Pull and Pull – 2PM

I’m taking a very, very short break from writing my current project because I have been very distracted. Thank you very much Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the very distracting feeds that you’re showing on my timeline; you can really take a woman’s time regardless if she doesn’t have much in her hand or what. But then no regrets, I saw what I wanna see and I am indeed thankful. That last word of gratitude is less peppered with sarcasm than the first one or is not containing any hint of sarcasm at all, maybe.

Right so the current song on repeat in my player is Pull and Pull by 2PM off their album Go Crazy! I’ll be honest though that my favorite track off the album is Rain is Falling (비가와; bigawa) mainly because of its sad theme. Yes, I always go for the sad song every time though I did like Pull and Pull as well when I first listened to it. Curious that I’m listening to Pull and Pull instead of Rain is Falling, right? Well, I got curious. Someone mentioned that he likes this song and I am all “why, what’s with that song?” All I can think of is it really gives off that very sexy feel and that’s it. So I checked the translation and what do you know, there just might be more to it than sexiness. And I am lost in my delusional world all over again. Who wouldn’t, I mean, just read along:

Hello Pretty girl
My sweetheart
When I look at you
It’s like a glow world
You dazzle and shine
I can’t even look at you
Except like this

(Get low)
You and I in Slow motion
(Let it go)
However my heart leads me
I can’t wait so I text you first again

(So I just want you girl
Can always be together)
So you can come to me
(So wanna touch you girl
Can always read your mind)
So you can fall for me girl

I’m gonna lay you down
Wanna lay you down
I’m gonna lay you down
(So I just want you girl
Can always be together)

Every time I open my eyes in the morning
I want you to be next to me
When I see you closing your eyes, I want to kiss you
Your perfect face, your soft lips
I’m amazed, oh my god, you’re so beautiful

(Get low)
Every day, I’m in Slow motion
(Let it go)
This makes you angry again
You pull ahead in our conversation but look so calm
So again today, I’ll lay you down just like yesterday

Please know
That I have no choice
Even if I may seem pathetic sometimes

I’m your baby
You’re my lady
I can’t stop

So pull & pull & pull to feel
No push & pull but I love u girl in love

I don’t think there’s any explanation needed anymore as to why someone likes this song, the lyrics speaks for itself; and truly it give me so much hope; not that I’m out of it although of course, most probably, it’s just me.

Lyrics Source | popgasa |

Spot On: 미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!) by 2PM

It’s an awesome Wednesday! Aside from some discomfort and a reminder that I am not a robot, that I am a human being and a woman actually, today is an awesome day!  Why? Because finally, finally the wait for the craziest MV ever is over! Squeeeee! I don’t have any plans of hiding my excitement and glee; nope, I am not gonna hide it, ever!

I know just a few people know that I am a 2PM fan, like just a certain few because I’m a shy KPOP listener, or maybe. And those who know knows that I’ve been waiting for their comeback like crazy, like literally counting the days and checking the official YT account for any update whatsoever because I am WAITING for this. The wait is worth every minute and second of it.

I’ve seen this MV last night, coz like they said, the MV will be released on the 10th of September and it was. At exactly 12:00am KST (7:00pm GST) the MV was released for the world to view, in all its colorful and fun glory:

It is soooo awesome I passed out, and when I regain my senses I listened to it again then passed out; repeat 10, 20 and most probably more times. 2PM made an MV to go crazy for and I don’t have the right words to say how incredible the song and the MV are. I do, by the way, want to list what’s so awesome about the MV, here it is:

  1. The element of fun. I’m sure a lot will agree that fun is a necessity, it is a must have to make everything bearable, work, everyday life and love life, let’s include that though it’s a “Not Applicable” for me. I think the concept they adopt for this MV is “it’s the weekend, we are all burned out from our daily routine, let’s have some crazy fun time.” And believe it or not, in my 20s, I did that every once in a while.
  2. Easy to follow and fun choreography. I keep saying fun because watching this MV I really had so much fun, the choreography is really easy to follow that I was copying the motorcycle dance on my first listen. Like there’s nothing to it. And I’m not a good dancer, I just love trying.
  3. The multitude of colors. I’ve watched a lot of 2PM MV and so far this is the most colorful and I love it, I really do love it. They all managed to look really good in their colorful clothes, I bet only a few people can pull that off. Wooyoung’s outfit gave me a flashback of Secret Garden, Kim Joo-won’s track suit. Shining shimmering splendid! I so love blue!
  4. Portrayal of intoxication. I think Do Min-joon whenever I see someone floating with the moon on their back and to see six beautiful people do that, I might be intoxicated and so are they.
  5. Being themselves. I watched about all the Real 2PM vids and this MV shows the side of them they usually show when they sit together, just goofing off being young people. It’s cute.

Yeap, they went crazy; they just had a go at fun and came out looking oh so deliciously awesome. I’m thankful they drop the MV earlier, makes a good company while waiting for the album to be released. I’m happily camping and I might dance and go crazy while I’m at it.