Blogging didn’t just inspire me to continue writing, it also inspired me (or made me obsessed about it) to customize my own personal space on the web. I’m still very amateur but I’m happy with the outcome of what I made.

Here’s all the headers that I made so far, I will be adding more for sure:

Resolution: 1000 x 288

cropped-picmonkey-collage111.png cropped-picmonkey-collage333.pngcropped-picmonkey-collage55.jpg cropped-o.jpgcropped-minho.jpg cropped-hongki.jpgcropped-lee-hong.jpg cropped-geun-suk.jpgcropped-heart1.jpg cropped-morning1.jpgcropped-chai1.jpg cropped-pressed1.jpgcropped-manjiz.jpg cropped-sets1.jpgcropped-discs.jpg cropped-bro.jpgcropped-shut-up.jpg cropped-ji-won-binnie.jpgcropped-sector-7.jpg cropped-sunflower.jpgcropped-shin-min-ah.jpg cropped-from-a-star.jpgcropped-shi-yoon.jpg cropped-shi-yoonsshi.jpgcropped-shi-yoonshhi.jpg cropped-ihyv.jpgcropped-ichyv.jpg cropped-fade.jpg

Resolution: 1100 x 250

cropped-jiwonnie.jpg cropped-book.jpg cropped-cropped-hongki.jpg cropped-hongkishhi.jpg cropped-invert.jpg cropped-awwb.jpg cropped-hongki.jpg cropped-jun-ji.jpg cropped-shukie.jpg cropped-flower1.jpg cropped-sukieni.jpg cropped-ft.jpg cropped-fti.jpg cropped-coffee.jpg  cropped-cup.jpg cropped-read.jpg cropped-shiyoon.jpg cropped-1.jpg

These Headers are courtesy of dear Jaime:

cropped-header_erl_01_zps4996b009.jpg cropped-header_erl_02_zps0b81e833.jpg cropped-header_erl_03_zps646a0230.jpg

2 comments on “Headers

  1. zhaoul says:

    I like your headers. These are really nice. I like your typography choices.

    • ihdiarbhee says:

      Aw, thank you! I try my best to match them actually and I’m having fun doing so. Thanks for dropping by my home on the internet. 🙂

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