A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 9


Chapter 9: “My Love, My Comfort and Resting Place Part 2”

Omma, is it possible not to add gochujang to this?” Seyoung asked her mother. She’s in the kitchen with her mother; a rare sight not so long ago but that’s not the case anymore. She has realized the importance of learning the art of cooking.

Seyoung-ah, that’s not gonna be called Chocolate Gochujang Biscotti if you don’t add the gochujang,” her mother answered, shaking her head.

“But he can’t really eat spicy food that well, that’s the problem,” she said.

Gochujang is not that spicy but if you really think he can’t handle it use half of the needed amount. Let me see, it says here you need two tablespoons, use one. What say you?” suggested her mother.

Arassoyo, Omma,” she said and continued to follow the recipe she asked from her mother, hoping to yield a good result.

Her mother can’t help but to smile at her. My daughter sure does love that young man to make this much effort, she thought as she watched he daughter placed the log formed dough in the oven. She has mentioned that Wooyoung is coming home today – after probably a week of being in and out of the country and that’s the main reason why her daughter is slaving away in the kitchen. “What time is he coming?”

“He told me last night that he’s coming early evening,” said Seyoung, checking the timer. “This is a bit complicated than I thought it would be, Omma.

“It does require some patience,   you’ll get there. You know what I’ve learned about cooking, the more effort and sincerity you put into it, the better it taste,” said her mother. “I’m happy that we are having this moment in the kitchen right now though I’m a bit sad that it took so long to happen.”

Mianhaeyo Omma, from now on, if I have the time, I’ll watch and help you prepare the food,” Seyoung promised.

“Alright, I’ll look forward to that uri ttal. I think we can check if it’s baked already. If so you can slice it then you’ll be almost done,” her mother said.

“Okay Omma, I’m curious and excited about how it would taste. And I do hope he likes it.”

“Please, even if it tasted bad he’ll like it. You have that young man in your hands.”

“You think so too, Omma?”

“I know so, don’t overthink. He’s probably getting impatient to see you right now,” her mother said. She also added, “Who knows, maybe he is begging the time to fast forward this very minute.”

HER MOTHER WAS RIGHT; at his hotel room, Wooyoung has been pacing back and forth, checking the time every five minutes. The time is really going by so slowly; he thought then checked his phone. He was disappointed to see that there weren’t any messages from Seyoung. What is this? After I did what she asked me to do last night she didn’t even remember me? Why isn’t she replying? He was so engrossed with his own thoughts that he didn’t even noticed Minjun watching him in amusement.

“Wooyoung-ah, do you need to use the washroom or something?” asked Minjun in a teasing tone.

Hyung, were you there? To what extent have you seen?” Wooyoung asked.

“I’ve been watching you for a while now, I’ve seen everything. Your gestures showing that you’re going out of your mind – jaemiisseo. Continue,” he said as he moved closer to where Wooyoung was.

“Aish, hyung, you should have said something when you came,” said Wooyoung, whining.

“What, and miss the chance of seeing you going insane? Where’s the fun in that?”

“Yeah, there’s that,” Wooyoung replied. “Aaah, michikettda chincha!

Wae geurae, did you two fight? How did that happen? You were very happy last night.”

“She’s not answering her phone; she hasn’t replied to my messages this morning and I am getting worried.”

“Maybe she’s just getting back at you? Otherwise, can you think of something you said last night that could have made her angry?” said Minjun. “Try to recall what happened.”

Arasso, hyung. Gomawoyo.

“Don’t mention it. And don’t forget to come down after thirty minutes. I’m buying us food before we leave,” said Minjun before leaving the room.

“Yes, hyung, I’ll see you in thirty minutes,” Wooyoung said as he lay down on the bed. Let’s see, what did we talk about last night? He stared at the chandelier on the ceiling as he tried to remember what they talked about…..

“Really, you’re coming home early evening tomorrow? You’re going to stay in the country for a whole day not just hours?” she excitedly asked.

“Yes, Jinyoung Hyung gave us some time off. I’ll head straight to your house after dropping off my things at my apartment.”

“That’s nice; you’ll have some time to rest. You’re probably not sleeping that much, right? I’ve seen some of your photos taken by your fans, you look really tired.”

“I know right and I really, really want to see you,” he said in an excited voice until he realized something. “Wait, are you okay with me heading to your house tomorrow?”

“Huh? Oh, kugeu.. I’ll let you know tomorrow; maybe my mother has plans with me that I forgot about, let me confirm first.”

“Ah, okay. I understand. With our work, we rarely get to spend longer time with our parents. It is okay, no problem,” he said though disappointment can be sensed in his voice.

He’s probably pouting right now I can almost see it, she thought and smile. “Are you upset? I’ll let you know tomorrow – first thing in the morning, if you can come over, promise. You know I always keep my promise.”

“No, I’m not upset. But you promised; you’ll let me know really early tomorrow.”

“I promise,” she said as she lay down on her bed.

“What are you doing?” he asked, clearly hearing the sound of her lying down on the bed.

“Talking to you while lying in bed; you heard, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, now I’m thinking what kind of pajamas you are wearing.”

“The comfy kind,” she said, trying to cut his train of thoughts. “The places your mind wanders to, really.”

“Just kidding. Are you sleepy yet? I don’t want to keep you when you’re sleepy.”

“I’m partially sleepy,” she said then added “Can you put me to sleep?”

“Put you to sleep? Eoddeohge?

“Sing for me,” she said in that cute voice that she always uses whenever she wants him to do something for her.

Mworagu? Sing for you?”

“Oh, wae? Shiro; andweni?”

Ani, it’s not like that.”

Haejjo, sing for me. I know you have a keyboard you carry around when you travel,she said using the same tone that he can’t say no to.

Arasso, chamkkanman,” he said, giving in. “What do you want to hear?”


“Alright, amugeona,” he repeated while setting up his keyboard. He put the phone on speaker and said, “I think I have the perfect song, jal deuleobwa,” said Wooyoung before he started to play.

Nuneul gamgo naega haneun iyagiljal deuleobwa

Naeui yaegiga ggeutnagi jeone neoneun ggumeul ggul geoya

Little star


Bamsae naega jikyeojul geoya

Cheoeum neoreul mannasseul ddaen jeongmal nuni busyeosseo

Neoeui misoreul cheoeum bwasseul ddaen sesangeul dagajyesseo

Little star


Bamsae naega jijyejul geoya

Nae peume angin chae gonhi jamdeun neol bomyeon

Naneun jamshido nuneul ddeol su eobseo

Ireohge yebbeunde

Sumi meojeul geot gata

Naega eoddeohge jamdeul su ittgettni

Naeui sarang naeui jeonbu haneuli naerin cheonsa

Naeui du nuneul naeui sesangeul modu humchyeobeoryeosseo

Little star


Bamsae naega jikyeojul geoya

Pyeongsaeng naega jikyeojul geoya

“How was it? Are you completely sleepy now?” he asked afterwards.

“It was beautiful. Wooyoung-ah, your voice is really good.”

“You want one more song right, that’s why you said that?”

Ani, I really like your voice.”

Arasso, go and sleep. Don’t try to stay up if you’re sleepy, I told you this before,” he nagged. “Call or message me tomorrow early in the morning okay? I really miss you badly.”

“Alright, I’ll call or message you tomorrow early morning. I’m going to sleep now. I really, really miss you too. Good night, Wooyoung-ah. Saranghae.

Kure, Nado saranghae,” he said before hanging up.

His phone rang calling his attention back to the present. He hurriedly check to see who’s calling only to be disappointed, it was Minjun.

Yah, where are you? I said come down in thirty minutes,” Minjun said the moment he answered the phone.

“Yes, Hyung, I’m coming.”

Palli, we’re starving.”

Arasso, Hyung. Kalke,” he said as he hangs up. He checked his messages only to feel emptier. I thought last night was beautiful, why are you not sending me any reply? What are you up to? He thought as he walks out of the hotel room.

YES OPPA, I’VE REACHED HIS APARTMENT, what time exactly are you arriving?” Seyoung asked as she makes her way to his apartment; she’s on the phone with Wooyoung’s manager.

“We’re arriving in three hours, and don’t worry, I didn’t say anything to Wooyoung. He looks really down,” Wooyoung’s manager said.

“Well he did it to me too; I’m just getting back at him,” Seyoung laughed. “Alright Oppa, thanks for your help, have a safe flight,” she said before hanging up.

Where should I start? Yes, kitchen. This is fun, she thought. She looked around and saw a portrait of Wooyoung, his smile reaching his eyes. I’ll see you soon wangjanim, she smiled and made her way to the kitchen.

WHY IS SHE NOT ANSWERING HER PHONE? What is she planning? Park Seyoung-ie, answer the phone, he thought. He’s on his way out from the airport and the usual flash of cameras from all over didn’t stop him from calling her. Let them think what they want to think about, I don’t care, was his thoughts as he continued walking. He reached the parking lot, his mood darkening by the second. His groupmates didn’t dare tease him afraid that he might take his frustration out on them, not that he would of course.

Yedera, Hyung-deul I’ll go ahead okay? I’m really tired,” Wooyoung said and made his way to his car was parked.

Arasso, we’ll keep in touch with you if there’s any change of schedule or something,” Minjun called.

“Okay,” he said; waved once, got into his car and drove away.

Junho noticed their manager trying to suppress his smile. “Hyung, are you hiding something?” he asked.

“Me? No, I’m not. Although I have to admit, I know that Wooyoung’s mood will be so much better once he reach his apartment and yedera, no visits to his apartment today okay?” said the manager followed by a wink.

Ne!” Wooyoung’s groupmates said in chorus, excited about the prospect of something to tease Wooyoung with.

I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT FOOLED AGAIN, he thought. Sure she always fools her to eat things that he can’t handle but this time around, it’s too much. She crossed the line. He was entering his passcode when he realized something – someone is inside his apartment. He can hear the faint sound of a song playing. He thought who could it be? He hurriedly open the door and once he’s inside he was greeted by music and candlelight and the person he’s been longing to see for almost a week who is now holding a “Welcome Home” sign smiling intently at him.

Neo, wae yogie?” he said, his disappointment slowly slipping away.

“I wanted to surprise you. You worked so hard.”

“You really wanted to get even with me.”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Come here,” he said looking her in the eyes.

She obliged and walked to where Wooyoung was standing. Once she was near enough, he enveloped her into a hug, burying his nose on her neck.

“I really missed you. I love your surprise, but I don’t think I’ll survive if you do another one. I’m going to die from worrying.”

Arasso, I won’t make you worry again. I missed you too,” she said and hugged him back.

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