A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 7


Chapter 7: “Officially Meeting The Bosses Part 2”

They both stood up from the sofa abruptly, surprised by the sudden arrival of her parents and her father’s words – insinuating a drinking bout to determine Wooyoung’s courage and worth.

Annyeonghaseyo, Abonim, Omonim, have you been well?” greeted Wooyoung trying his best not to show his nervousness.

“Yes I have been well, but I can’t say you’re going to be after our talk,” replied Seyoung’s father. He then turn to his wife, “Yeobo, get the table ready, I’ve been waiting for this talk for some time now.”

Appa, wait a minute please. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you and Wooyoung to have a drink right now,” said Seyoung, trying to interfere with the drinking bout that’s about to come. “Wooyoung has to fly out of the country tomorrow.”

“I heard that part, but that’s tomorrow and not today so I think this young man can still have a drink with me and show me what he’s made of.” Said Seyoung’s father; not taking any excuse at all.

“But still, Appa, he needs to prepare for the flight and he’s going to perform,” voiced Seyoung. She doesn’t want Wooyoung to be in trouble later and at the same time she doesn’t want her father to overdrink too.

“So you’re already taking this young man’s side, is that it?” her father accused firmly.

At this point Wooyoung has completely gathered his courage. He said, “Abonim, it’s okay, I’m ready to talk to you. I’m sorry if I was not able to come to greet you sooner; my group just made a comeback recently and we have been promoting. Jwesonghamnida.

Kure, I understand about the comeback and promotion, but you still have to drink with me. You think you can date my youngest daughter just like that without asking for my permission first? You’re dead wrong young man,” declared Seyoung’s father. He called for his wife, “Yeobo-ah, is the table ready yet? He said he’s ready, I want to see how long he’s going to last.”

“The table is ready yeobo-ah, don’t make too much noise in there. Your granddaughter is sleeping,” replied Seyoung’s mother.

Gahpshida, I’ll be considerate and finish this as quickly as possible. Let’s see how prepared you are,” her father said to Wooyoung.

“Yes, Abonim, I am prepared,” answered Wooyoung resigned to whatever is going to happen next. You’ll be okay Wooyoung-ah, you just have to be honest and sincere. You’ll survive, are the thoughts that’s running in his head as he follows Seyoung’s father to what seems to be a music room, judging by the instruments carefully arranged all over.

Seyoung followed closely, worry etched all over her beautiful face. What if this turns out bad? Hold on, he drove himself here right? Oh my God! Should I call his manager or something so he can still make it to his flight tomorrow even if he gets himself seriously drunk tonight? Why is Appa suddenly being this old fashioned by the way? Aaah, this is driving me crazy! She’s having this one sided conversation in her head.

 Before he sat down in front of the prepared table, she touched his arm, causing him to turn to her. They looked at each other, their eyes asking and answering questions they can’t voice out in the current situation; hers seems to be asking if he’s gonna be okay, and his reassuring that he’s gonna be fine.

Unbeknownst to them, their silent exchange is not oblivious to her parents, and both of them are hiding their smiles especially her father, who has been showing a tough image that’s nowhere near his usual self. His desire to know about Wooyoung’s true feelings for his daughter though is not an act, for first and foremost, he is her father and she is his youngest daughter. He cares for her wellbeing and as much as he likes seeing his daughter happy and in love, he doesn’t want to see her broken and sad. I will have to make sure that this man is gonna treat her the way she should be treated, thought Seyoung’s father.

“Sit down so we can begin,” said Seyoung’s father, sounding impatient – his words made Wooyoung and Seyoung snap out of their little private moment.

“Yes, Abonim,” replied Wooyoung and took his seat. He feels like he’s having a mental breakdown even though he’s accepted what’s about to happen, he still feels so worried he might make a mistake or say something wrong.

Wooyoung was handed a shot glass of soju, full to the brim. Seyoung can only shake her head while he downed the liquor in one go because her father was watching him. This was repeated three more times and she can see that the alcohol is getting to him already.

Appa, drink slowly please. Wooyoung’s gonna pass out anytime soon at your phase,” she said.

“Oh so you are more worried about him than your father,” her father said, trying to sound pained.

“It’s not like that Appa, he has to drive himself home. But at this rate I don’t think he can,” Seyoung reasoned. She looked at Wooyoung who’s clearly feeling the effect of the alcohol and decided, “This won’t do; I’m going to call his manager to pick him up.”

“Seyoung-ah I’m okay,” Wooyoung said holding her hand to stop her from calling his manager. “It’s still early, and I want to talk to your father.”

“See, he is okay, why are you so worried about someone who is okay?” Seyoung’s father said. He can see clearly that his daughter really love this young man and he can’t help but smile. Ah, to be young and in love. I think I need to start questioning Wooyoung now, he thought.

Abonim, let’s continue. Please, let me pour you a drink.” Wooyoung said, composing himself.

“Sure, pour me a drink. While you’re at it, I have a question for you. What do you like about my daughter?” Seyoung’s father asked.

Wooyoung was just a bit surprised, he was expecting such questions, and he has watched some dramas after all. Still, he couldn’t speak right away, afraid he’ll say something wrong. Thus he took a deep breath, composed himself and said, “I like that she independent and dependent at the same time Abonim because I can rely on her and she, too, can rely on me.”

“That’s a good answer. Now drink up,” said Seyoung’s father, pleased with what Wooyoung said. He saw that the two shared a quick look and smiled. He added, “Are you planning to date my daughter seriously or are you just fooling around?”

Wooyoung almost chocked on his soju when he heard the question. Seyoung handed him some tissue right away to wipe his mouth. He cleared his throat before speaking, “Abonim, I have all the intentions to date your daughter seriously and not otherwise. As you know we met and got close to each other through a show but if I don’t really feel anything strong towards her, I wouldn’t pursue what we have and turn it into a real relationship. I can’t promise that I won’t make her cry, but I promise, I’ll always be there to wipe her tears before it ever falls,” he declared while looking at Seyoung.

“Now that is very reassuring, it keeps my mind at ease,” said Seyoung’s father, shedding his façade. “Actually, I’m just trying to be difficult, to see if you’re gonna back down. But you didn’t. That’s a good quality. And also, I can see that my Seyoung really cares about you. There’s only one thing though that I would like to let you know.”

“What is it Abonim, malssuemhaseyo,” said Wooyoung.

“Seyoung is my youngest daughter and as such, I love her dearly. I know misunderstandings can’t be avoided but if ever those misunderstandings happen to break her and make her really sad, you may have to think of a way to survive longer on your own because I am going to ruin you, understand?” warned Seyoung’s father.

“I understand Abonim, I’ll keep that in mind,” said Wooyoung, tension finally slipping from his shoulder. He looked at Seyoung and they nod at each other.

Geunde, Appa, why were you being so firm a while ago when you’re gonna let him off anyways?” she asked her father.

“I just wanna see him nervous. I watched your first WGM episode and ah; it’s been a long time since I saw a young man that nervous to meet a lady. He looks really fun,” confessed Seyoung’s father. “Did you know, it reminded me of when I first met your mother?”

Appa..” whines Seyoung.

Yah, uri ttal, you shouldn’t behave like that, your boyfriend is here,” her father teases her some more.

“He’s probably enjoying himself seeing me acting cutesy,” she said.

Abonim, she’s right, I’m enjoying seeing her act like this. Is she always so pokerfaced most of the time?” Wooyoung asked Seyoung’s father, finally at ease.

“She’s usually full of aegyo when she’s with us. I see she sometimes shows you her true self during your shoot, didn’t you notice?”

“I was really thinking that is the case, but then she changes again like she turns everything upside down, it makes me crazy,” Wooyoung confessed.

Aigoo, she really has you in her hands. Well, her mother has me in her hands too and I’m not complaining,” said Seyoung’s father.

“What’s this, your father’s done? Are they best friends now?” asked Seyoung’s mother when she stepped in the room. Seyoung’s sister came to pick Hayoung up and she saw them off.

“I think so to Omma, now they’re talking about us,” said Seyoung in disbelief. “Ani, he just said something and Appa is like, okay, just don’t make her cry, keut.

“You really thought your father has it in him to intimidate a person? You took after your father, and you’re the sweetest, caring and kindest person I know, uri ttal,” said her mother while brushing her hair off her eyes.

She was about to say something when her father spoke.

Yeobo-ah, Seyoung-ah, come here. Uri Wooyoung-ie is gonna play something for us. He said he’s gonna sing one of his songs from his first album,” said her father.

Seolma, is it This Is Love again?” said Seyoung, teasing.

Ani, something else; why do you always bring up that song?” he asked, pouting.

Arasso, I won’t say it again. Come on, play your song.”

He sat in front of the piano and before he started to sing he looked at Seyoung, “This song is for you, Only Girl.”

Close your eyes and listen to this song
This song I sing for you
I will meet you in my dreams and tell you about my love
Having you next to me feels like a dream

When I see you smile, when I see pretty you
I fall in love more and more
I think of you before I go to bed, I close my eyes and sing of you
I want to be your dream

My only girl, my only girl
My only girl, my only girl
My only, my only, my only girl

Her father was clapping the loudest when he played the last note. He was really pleased with Wooyoung and he can’t hide it. All those nervousness for nothing chincha, she thought.

“Waah, it’s really different if an idol performs for you. The level is really different. Come, let’s drink some more. Tell me some stories about your tours out of the country,” said Seyoung’s father to Wooyoung as they make their way to the table for another round of drinking.

Appa, he has to go out of the country tomorrow!” said Seyoung a bit annoyed.

“Seyoung-ah, it’s okay. I messaged my manager; he’s coming in an hour,” he said then turned to Seyoung’s father. “What was I saying Abonim? Ah, out tour in Japan, that was really something…”

Seyoung can’t help but scratch her head, at this rate he’s really gonna get drunk, she thought. And she was right. When Wooyoung’s manager arrived after an hour, Wooyoung can barely stand on his own. His manager and she had to hold him up.

Abonim, Omonim, I’ll be going now. I’m going to visit again soon,” Wooyoung said to her parents.

Kure Wooyoung-ah, have a safe trip okay,” said Seyoung’s father. He then said to her daughter “Seyoung-ah we’ll be sleeping now okay. Just see him off and come back.”

“Yes, Appa,” she said and helped Wooyoung and his manager to the car.

“Seyoung-ah, mian; I shouldn’t have drank too much but I can’t say no to your father,” Wooyoung apologized.

“It’s okay, why are you saying sorry. I should say sorry, you drank because of my father. What if you get in trouble later on?”

“It’s okay, I won’t be in trouble,” he assured her. “Quickly go in, before your father thinks of something.”

Arasso. Be careful okay. Call or message me when you reach home,” she turned and move to go inside the house. Just as he was about to go in, she heard him call her. She turned around and asked, “Wae?”

“Saranghae, Park Seyoung-ie,” he said, forming a heart with his hand.

She smiled and formed a heart just like him, “Nado, Saranghae, Jang Wooyoung-ie.”

He went inside the car, opened the window and waved at her as the car leaves.

She waved back and only stopped when the car can no longer be seen.

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