A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 6


Chapter 6: “Officially Meeting The Bosses Part 1”

This is exactly how I felt when I debuted years ago; this is so nerve-racking, Wooyoung thought as he makes his way to Seyoung’s house. He has a day off – a rare occurrence lately because of the comeback promotions and world tour preparations, and he decided to spend it with Seyoung plus her niece, Hayoung whom he promised to buy food on national TV. He’s a bit nervous because a few days back, he watched an episode of Superman Returns while on standby. The episode showed how Jang Geun Suk tried to win Sarang’s attention but failed miserably. He’s afraid the same might happen to him; he keeps thinking what if she doesn’t like me?

On the other hand he is happy he finally gets to see Seyoung after weeks of not being able to. She, too, is busy with the wrap of Glorious Days especially since it was cut short, there’s plenty of revision and last minute shooting schedules. In the midst of their overwhelmingly busy schedule, their only means of communication is through mobile phones that sometimes he shudders to think of the absence of it. He often thinks, thank God for modern technology! Whoever developed the telephone, thank you Sir or Ma’am!

Wooyoung was so lost in his thoughts that before he knew it, he has reached Seyoung’s house. His anxiety returned once more as he gets out of his car carrying a basket of fruits for Seyoung’s parents and food and present for Hayoung. It’s show time, I hope she’s a fan, he thought as he makes his way to the gate.

Before he could push the doorbell though, he saw Seyoung coming out of the door, smiling. There she is, the woman of my dreams. Now I have an idea how much I really missed her this past weeks, he thought as he waited for her to open the gate.

“Why did you bring so much? You really wanted to get her approval?” asked Seyoung once she opened the gate and saw what he was holding.

“This is not much; the fruits are for your parents and ah.. Yeah, I really want to get her approval that much.” He said because he can’t deny anymore that he went overboard buying stuff for her niece.

“Because I told you we are very close and I adore her so much?” she asked.

“Yes, I also want to show her that you’re in good hands; kids are picky you know,” he said.

Aigoo, you’re intimidated by a kid,” she teased then added, “that’s okay but, did you bring something for me?” she asked but didn’t really mean it. She’s happy with the mere fact that he’s here to see her, and her niece.

“For you? Isn’t coming over despite my busy schedule already a present for you?” he teased.

“Ah, is that so?” she acted disappointed.

“No, I’m just kidding. You’re not thinking of kicking me out before you even let me in the house, right?” he asked.

“You know what? I just might,” she joked closing the gate.

Yah, you’re really gonna treat me like this?” he said, pained then pouted.

“Cute! Let’s go inside, Hayoung-ie’s waiting. She’s very excited to see you,” said Seyoung, taking a paper bag from Wooyoung. She peeked and saw various Pororo items inside. “So that’s why you’re asking if she likes Pororo…”

“Well I figured she has seen some episodes or something,” he said as they made their way to the house. “You did say she likes him, right?”

“Do you know any kid who doesn’t like Pororo?”

“Honestly, I don’t know any kid. I mean I don’t know any little kid; as in teeny tiny kids.”

“Alright, I understand. But my niece is not gonna eat you or something so relax. For all we know you might charm your way to her too. It did work on me remember?”

“That makes me feel a bit at ease.”

“There’s nothing to be anxious about to begin with,” she said as she open the door revealing a cute little girl in pigtails running over to where they were. She has eyes like Seyoung’s and a big cute smile. “Hayoung-ah, this is Uncle Wooyoung, you remember right? You talked to him on the phone before. Say your greetings.”

Annyeonghaseyo, Uncle Wooyoung,” greeted Hayoung shyly.

Annyeong Hayoung-ah; how are you?” Wooyoung greeted the little girl. “I promised to buy you delicious food last time, do you remember?”

The little girl nods while listening to Wooyoung as if trying to remember his voice.

“Here, I brought you some cookies, candies and ice cream. Oh and do you like to watch movies? I brought this movie,” Wooyoung said showing a copy of Despicable Me 2, trying his best to entice the little girl.

“Minions!” Hayoung shouted, clearly delighted to see the movie that Wooyoung brought.

“You like this movie?” he asked, happy that he got the little girls attention.

“Let’s watch it now, now!” the little girl is practically jumping around the living room.

“Alright, Hayoung-ah, we’re gonna watch it, stop jumping around,” said Seyoung, trying to calm the little girl down. She took the movie from Wooyoung and placed it on the player.

“Okay Auntie, I sit with Uncle Wooyoung, okay?” said the little girl, like her aunt, she was charmed by Wooyoung.

“Okay, Hayoung-ah, you can sit with Uncle Wooyoung,”Seyoung can’t help but smile at how fast Wooyoung won her niece over. All that worry and she see the movie and that’s it? This guy really amazes me to no ends sometimes, she thought.

“Uncle Wooyoung, we’ll eat ice cream, right?” asked Hayoung.

“Yes baby, we’re gonna eat ice cream. Do you want to eat some cookies too?” said Wooyoung. He’s happy and surprised at the same time at how easy the little girl relaxed around him. I guess I have what it takes to charm a kid, that or this movie is really good. I need to thank Chansung for this one, he was thinking to himself.

“Ice cream, Uncle, I want ice cream.”

“Okay, ice cream then. How about you baby, what you want to eat?” he asked while looking at Seyoung, smiling her favorite smile. Before she can answer though, Hayoung spoke.

“Ice cream Uncle Wooyoung, I want to eat ice cream,” repeated Hayoung.

“Oh, I’m asking your Auntie Seyoung, Hayoung-ah,” Wooyoung explained.

“Auntie is not a baby, I am a baby. Right Auntie?” said Hayoung.

“Yes baby, you are right. I think Uncle Wooyoung needs glasses, he can’t see well,” said Seyoung trying not to laugh. She knows that her niece is very smart but she didn’t expect her to have this sort of conversation with Wooyoung. Wooyoung in turn really looks cool in her eyes right now, holding his own against a kid that he was so scared of initially. I guess we found another thing that he can do well, she thought.

Yah, my eyes are not that bad. Kurigo, I told you before I wanna call you Baby,” said Wooyoung, defending himself.

“We didn’t agree to that and let’s not talk about that. Let’s just watch the movie,” said Seyoung. She then whispered to his ear, “Let’s talk about it later, this little girl gets cranky if she doesn’t get what she wants sometimes.”

He nodded then whispered back, “Alright, we’ll talk about it later; this case is not closed.”

“Uncle Wooyoung, can you do that expression?” Hayoung asked, pointing to one of the minions doing an elaborated facial expression.

“That? I think I can. You want me to copy that?” he asked the little girl.

She nods profusely, clearly enthusiastic about the whole thing. Wooyoung, in turn, gave in; he doesn’t see any difference at all between aunt and niece. Both of them make some of the weirdest request ever and he can’t deny any of it. He is pretty much under their thumbs but he likes it.

The little girl was very happy after seeing Wooyoung copy the Minions expression that she asked him to copy some more as they watch the movie and he gladly oblige to Seyoung’s surprise. All along she’s thinking that he won’t give in to her niece’s request but he is really game. At some point, he even has the girl sitting on his lap while cleaning the drops of ice cream from her lips. She can’t help but to think this guy is unbelievable. Who would have thought that he has it in him?

Sometime later, Hayoung fell asleep on Wooyoung’s lap. After they moved her to a comfortable position, Wooyoung took out something from his backpack. “I got you these; something to go with the ring,” he said while handing Seyoung a small blue box.

“Really, what is it?” she asked then added, “you didn’t have to; I was just kidding earlier.”

“It’s nothing extravagant; I saw it when we went out to eat the other day and it reminded me of you. So I bought it.” He explained.

She opened the box and found a pair of earrings in the shape of a puzzle, just like their rings. “It’s beautiful,” she said.

“And so are you,” he said, holding her hands. “I just noticed something, where are your parents?” he asked, realizing that he hadn’t seen her parents since he came.

“They went to a wedding reception; they’re probably on their way back now, why?”

“Because I want to greet them at least before I go,” he said then checked his watch for the time. “I have to go soon. We’re flying out tomorrow.”

“I don’t think you’ll get away with just a greeting, young man. I think we should have a long talk,” said a voice coming from the doors direction.

They turned to look and saw Seyoung’s parents; her father looking intently at him. He was about to say something when Seyoung’s father spoke, “Yeobo, bring out some snacks and soju; I’m gonna have a one on one with this thief who’s trying to steal my youngest daughter.”

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  1. We’d love to post your Fan Fic at YY Nation Int’l Fan Club. Most of us came from the Soompi Forum of WGM but we changed that thread to YY Nation to support our 2Young couple..


    Several people on the Soompi Forum mentioned your FanFic saying how great it is. I’m a big fan too.

    Please allow us to post your 2Young FanFic on our fan club website http://www.yynation.org

    We have members from 50 countries around the world and we’re growing. We’d love to publish you FanFic on the Website and we will post a link back to this website.

    Let me know if you’ll allow us to publish your wonderful 2Young FanFic!!!!

    Best regards,

    Vice President
    YY Nation Fan Club

    • ErlNotEarl says:

      Hi! This is unexpected, wow!

      I checked the site btw, it’s looking awesome; you all worked hard for the YY Couple. In re publishing my FanFic on the site, I’m okay with it since you did mention that it’s gonna be linked back to my blogsite, it would be an honor. Thank you.

      And I want to thank you for reading my FanFic, reading people actually “read” what I wrote; it’s surreal. Again, thank you and “Fighting” to all of us.

      • Valerie Phillips says:

        Awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks you for the compliment about our YY a Nation website…it’s coming along..starting to look a little more polished. It’s all for the love we have for our 2young so it’s fun and I’m really happy to do it. The shippers we have on Soompi are so great that I want to do everything for them. We haven’t seen you for a long while. you must be really busy.

        Your fan fic is loved by so many at Soompi. They are going to be so excited when I publish your writing tomorrow. Of course with full credit to you and the link back to your site.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!



      • ErlNotEarl says:

        You are welcome and I really think that the site looks good. Your efforts for our YY Couple are really commendable.

        I visit the forum every once in a while, I just don’t comment because I’m shy to. But I enjoy reading the post. There are plenty of passionate members and it’s really fun.

        Busy is also partly true; I’m working on finishing the FanFic, I’ve laid all the plots for the upcoming chapters and that’s making me so excited. Hopefully I can work on DaniaH’s request after this.

        I’m still overwhelmed with mentions of people actually reading my FanFic. It makes me see the long way that I have traveled because of the YY Couple. Who would have thought I’ll step out of hibernation at some point.

        Lastly it is my pleasure, and I’ve seen that you really give credits where it’s due, it’s well appreciated. Good luck to us and keep the faith, maybe one day we’ll just read somewhere that they are really dating.


      • Your wonderfully written fan fiction, with your permission, has been published on the YY Nation website. So many people are happy now!!!!! http://www.yynation.org/fanfic.html

        Thank you for supporting our 2Young Couple so perfectly!!!!! We love you her at YY Nation!!!!

        We can’t wait for your next chapter!!!!!


      • ErlNotEarl says:

        I’ve checked the link and I have a little request. Is it possible for you to post partial content rather than the whole and in the end the link to my blog post just like what was done to YYlover’s fan fiction?

        I would really appreciate it, thank you.

        PS, I can provide actual individual links for each chapter rather than the page link. Again, I hope you can grant my request because the main reason I agreed is because of the clear linkage of the other fan fics.

      • Valerie Phillips says:

        I’m so sorry dear but we have tried that before with another story and we don’t want to do any more teasers. We’ve taken your story off our website to acomodate your new request. We can add your link to our link page if you wish? Just let us know.

        @Desertflower, Admin. YY Nation Website


      • ErlNotEarl says:

        Ah, I see. I’m sorry, I was under the impression that it’s gonna be like when you reblog something – the post you reblog will appear on your blog partially and say your reader wants to continue reading, it’s routed to the original site when you click on the link. If that’s not possible then it’s fine. You can go ahead and just add my link, I guess that is best in this case.

        Thanks for taking your time and God bless.


      • Valerie Phillips says:

        We’ll add your link dear to the website tomorrow http://www.yynation.org/links.html We love your writing!!!! Keep up the great work. Fighting!


  2. nat23biru says:

    Likes! Waiting for the next chapter. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Please continue writing this! It’s getting more and more interesting. 🙂

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