A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 5


Chapter 5: “Pieces of You”

The kiss lasted forever or could have if they weren’t in need of air. Wooyoung pulled away and looked at Seyoung’s face; he can see his own happiness mirrored in her eyes it is overwhelming. His gaze went down to her soft, luscious lips and after slowly tracing it with his finger he gently swoop down for another kiss, because once is not enough.

Seyoung had to put her hands on his shoulders for support. Her legs feel like jelly and in truth, without the piano she would’ve collapsed or something. Sure she have had kissing scenes but those were all an act, kissing the person you love is an entirely different thing – like she has somehow forgotten her own existence and is only aware of the other; like their souls has been united.

Wooyoung felt her uneasiness; he placed his hands on her waist and moved carefully to lean on the piano. Just as their kiss deepened, they heard a beeping sound from outside – someone is coming. They pulled away from each other, their eyes showing mixture of feelings and panic. They tried to collect themselves as quickly as they can.

“Let’s just go to a hotel or something, what if he has company? He’s gonna be royally pissed at us,” Chansung’s voice can be heard through the door.

“We can’t go to a hotel; we barely escaped the fans by taking almost a dozen rounds before going here. And I’m really, really not up for another stampede,” said Nichkhun as he opens the door.

“Nichkhun hyung is right, it’s just tonight anyway. He’s not such a heartless guy,” said Junho.

Hearing the voices Seyoung asked, “Were you expecting them to come?”

“No. I’m not expecting anybody to drop by, especially not today. I have planned to spend the whole night with you.” Wooyoung replied; voice peppered with annoyance.

“Wooyoung-ah, can we crash here for the night, there’s a..” Nichkhun stopped in midsentence once he saw Wooyoung and Seyoung. “Is this a bad timing?”

“Wooyoung hyung, we brought food and beer too, you won’t kick us out, right?” called Junho as he makes his way to the living room where he saw not only Wooyoung but also Seyoung. Unlike Nichkhun though, he greeted Seyoung by waving at her.

“See; that’s why I said we should just go to a hotel,” said Chansung once he entered the living room. “Annyeonghaseyo, Seyoung noona,” he greeted a flustered Seyoung then looked at Wooyoung with pleading eyes.

Michikettda; micheo,” Wooyoung said in disbelief and exasperation. “What are you guys doing here? Can’t you call first or ring the bell? Why are you just letting yourselves into my apartment?”

“Wooyoung-ah, it’s okay. Let them talk first; maybe there’s an unexpected situation,” said Seyoung, she had somehow collected herself and seeing reason.

“Wooyoung-ah, mian, I had no idea you’ve got company. Kurigo when did we ever call first or wait for you to open the door for us? Don’t we just barge in here all the time and you don’t say anything anyway?” Nichkhun reasoned.

Of course Wooyoung has nothing to say about that because his groupmates were always welcome in his apartment. Ever since he moved out of their dorm, his groupmates visits his apartment often because it is somewhat near to their dorm and very cozy, something you would expect from a neat freak like him.

“Even if that’s the case, you all know that I am dating Seyoung-ie officially; didn’t it cross your mind that I might see her once we got back because I miss her?” Wooyoung said defensively.

Hyung, mianheyo chincha. I told them we should just go rent a hotel room but they insisted to come here. The repairs on the dorm were delayed; there was a leak before we left the country and the building owner said it’s gonna be finished in a week…” Chansung said.

“But it was not finished when we got to the dorm. We could have gone to some hotel but we were spotted by fans when we entered and… Do I really need to continue?” Junho continued what Chansung was trying to explain.

“No; it’s okay. I’ll be going soon anyways.” Seyoung answered before Wooyoung could say anything.

“Seyoung-ah..” said Wooyoung as he looked at Seyoung; wanting to know her true feeling about the current situation.

Gwenchana, I have to leave anyways. I have an early schedule tomorrow remember? Oppa is gonna tease me mercilessly if I don’t come on time.” She said, trying to keep him at ease and calm despite of her own predicament.

“You’re going?! Andwe! If you go now, we’re all gonna be dead meat later.” Nichkhun said. “It’s still early. Why don’t you stay for a few hours more?”

“Yes, noona; stay for a bit longer. We brought food – sundae, dukbokki, and some fried food. And there’s beer. You can have a drink with us,” adds Junho. You can tell that they are trying to avoid a storm that’s brewing the best way they can.

“Seyoung doesn’t drink and she can’t.” said Wooyoung. He has been looking at Seyoung’s face all this while and since he could see that her expression is relaxed, he decided to just let it go, not that his groupmates won’t hear anything from him later.

“Wooyoung-ah..” She looked at him shocked at the firm declaration that she can’t drink and saw that he meant it. “Kure, I can’t drink. But okay, I’m gonna stay for an hour longer. Okay now?”

“Yes noona, that’s okay. Thank you so much,” said a relieved Chansung. They are not gonna be in a very deep trouble later; he knows there’s gonna be nagging but they’re used to Wooyoung nagging thus it is manageable.

“We’ll get things ready; just continue with what you’re doing before we came,” teased Junho that earned him a slight punch in the arm from Chansung.

“Junho-ah, I don’t think that’s a good thing to say. Let’s prepare things quietly okay. I don’t wanna get kicked out or something,” said Nichkhun while coaxing both Junho and Chansung to come with him to the kitchen.

Neh, Hyung. Kalke,” said Junho and they made their way to the kitchen leaving Wooyoung and Seyoung who are both red-faced.

“Are they really this playful? I thought it was just a façade or something; could it be you guys are really crazy when you’re together?” asked an amazed Seyoung as they made their way to sit on the sofa.

“Ah, that. That’s actually something that they do quite a lot, it’s normal. You know, I never thought I’ll say this but this is the first time ever that I am not happy seeing them. I feel like.. Aaaaah, so annoying!”  Wooyoung said, annoyance written all over his face.

Yah, it is okay,” consoled Seyoung.

“But I wanna spend the night with you,” Wooyoung pouts.

Aigoo, gwiyeoweo! Uri Jang Wooyoung-ie is really, really cute.” Seyoung teased; he really looks too adorable in her eyes it’s illegal.

“You’re teasing me again, huh?”

“It’s your fault. Stop pouting already. I said it is okay.”

“Come here, I’ll believe that if you give me a kiss now.”

Micheosseo? Your groupmates are here.” Seyoung said, face turning red.

“There, that’s the color I love on your face. I guess we’re even now,” said Wooyoung as he pinch her cheeks.

“Wah, now I really feel bad that we are crashing this two’s party,” Nichkhun said as he was coming out of the kitchen, seeing what Wooyoung and Seyoung was up to. “Wooyoung-ah, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s too late now,” replied Wooyoung.

Yah, we really didn’t mean to interrupt anything. Try to understand,” says Junho.

“It’s really okay, let’s not talk about that anymore,” Seyoung said holding Wooyoung’s hand, giving him a sign that she is really fine. “Let’s eat, that looks delicious.”

“Yes, noona; we bought this from our favorite shop. It’s to die for,” said Chansung as he hands the bowl of dukbokki to Seyoung.

“How about we play a game after eating? What do you think Seyoung-sshi?” Nichkhun asked.

“I think that’s a good idea. What do you think Wooyoung-ah?”

“That’s good with me; what game do you guys have in mind?”

“Truth or Dare,” suggested Chansung.

“I think that’s fun. Are you guys all okay with it?” asked Seyoung.

Everybody nodded in agreement. Once they finished eating, they all sat on the carpeted floor in a circle, a bottle spinning in their midst. The bottle pointed to Junho, who chose dare and was asked by Seyoung to sing a few lines of his single Feel that he gladly oblige to. After a few turns, the bottle pointed to Seyoung.

“Who’s gonna ask her? Not Wooyoung-ah, he’s gonna let her off easy.” Nichkhun said.

“Alright I am gonna ask the question,” says Junho. “Seyoung noona, Truth or Dare?”

“Wait, let me think,” she said then realized something. Omo, whichever I chose I’ll be in trouble, she thought. At this point she looked at her watch, the watch that Wooyoung gave her and said, “Omo, look at the time. It’s more than an hour already, I need to go home.”

“Ei that cannot be; you need to choose first before you go. Truth or Dare?” insisted Chansung.

“I thought of something, let’s choose for her. I vote Dare,” says Junho.

“Me too,” seconds Chansung.

“Me three,” says Nichkhun.

Seyoung looked at Wooyoung asking for his help. “Wooyoung-ah…”

Yah, forget it. She’s leaving. She can’t be late tomorrow.” Wooyoung said, stood up and took Seyoung’s hand.

“What’s the point in playing this game if you guys are gonna be cheaters?” whines Junho.

“That’s correct; you have to stick to the rules of the game.” Chansung seconded.

Arasso, I’ll do the dare for her okay; look carefully,” Wooyoung said then kissed Seyoung on the cheek. “You’re okay with that right?” he asked his groupmates then turn to Seyoung. “Let’s go Seyoung-ah.”

As they walked out the door they can hear his groupmates talking. Chansung said “when did Wooyoung hyung become that cool? He’s really awesome. I want to date too.” It was followed by Junho and Nichkhun’s laughter. Then someone suggested they should drink as quickly as possible so Wooyoung won’t get to nag them when he gets back. They smiled at each other, amused by what they heard and walked hand in hand to where he parked his car.

The drive to Seyoung’s house didn’t take that long and they shared it in silence because at some point, Seyoung fell asleep. She had a really long shooting day plus the surprises brought of visiting Wooyoung’s house took its toll.

“Seyoung-ah, we’re here. Wake up.” Wooyoung said gently while patting Seyoung’s shoulder.

“We’re here already? That was fast.”

“Yeah, we are here. I really wanted to take my time but you look so tired I couldn’t take it.”

“Sorry I fell asleep,” she said.

“No it’s okay. You were really tired,” said Wooyoung while brushing her hair off her eyes. “Sorry about my groupmates. Sorry we didn’t get to spend more time on our own.”

“I said it is okay, I don’t mind,” she said while holding his hand. “Wooyoung-ah, you said before that your groupmates are like a real family to you. It goes without saying that they are part of you, and I accept that, because I accepted you.”

Wooyoung smiled and pulled Seyoung in a hug, “I told myself I was lucky to have you; I didn’t have any idea how lucky I really am until now. Thank you very much, Park Seyoung.”

She breaks away from his embrace and looked him in the eyes, “Stop with the thank you already, you might end up crying.”

Arasso, it’s just, I’m really happy,” he said and gave her a peck on the cheeks. “Go inside, before I change my mind and drive us somewhere else.”

“You really are out of your right mind sometimes Jang Wooyoung-ie.”

“Only because and for you, Park Seyoung-ie.”

“Alright, I’m going. Call me once you reach home.” She said then made her way to the gate of her house. She turned and waved at him before going in.

He waved back and once that he was sure that she was inside the house, he drove away into the night.

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  1. jbum says:

    Good job dear…please keep it coming! Im a soompi member (yynation) that’s where i found u (well technically). If im not mistaken you are from UAE, right? If so, we are living in the same side of the world. Love reading your ff and i hope you write more.

    • ErlNotEarl says:

      Awww, thanks. And yes I am currently in the UAE. Where in the UAE are you? Thank you for reading and for dropping by. 🙂

      • jbum says:

        I’m in Dubai…and youre from RAK right? I think ive seen it in your twitter acct…i hope i dont sound like a stalker lols…

      • ErlNotEarl says:

        Yes, I am in RAK. No, it’s okay; I actually find it amazing that someone would read my random tweets. LOL. Again thanks for reading and if you’re in my side of the Emirates tweet me or something, it would be nice to meet someone from here who watch K-Variety.

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