A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 2


Chapter 2: “The Bridge We’re About to Cross”

He reached the river first. He was wishing so hard not to arrive at the location first but he guess luck was not on his side today. It’s his fault too, because he’s really excited yet at the same time dreading what she’s about to say. He’s having a conversation with himself in his head: She smiled when she agreed for us to talk right? She’s avoiding my eyes because she’s hiding something. God let my haunch be accurate, please. Jebal.

He checked his phone, for the nth time, wondering why she hasn’t sent any reply. She read his message, it clearly shows that it is read but why is she not replying? Where is she? He’s starting to panic now because: what if she changed her mind. He has plenty of other things to think of and worry about, like he has to fly out in 9 hours for the One Mic event on a neighboring country, he hasn’t really packed his essentials yet and more. He was about to call her when his phone rang, it’s Taecyeon and he has a feeling he is about to be in trouble.

Hyung, annyeong.” He greeted once he picked up the call.

Eodiseo? When are you getting back? Gwaenchana?” Taecyeon asked in one breath. He’s really a rapper for a reason.

Na? I’m at the river. Gwaenchanayo hyung, don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.” He reassures him, so as not to be questioned further.

“Alright, I just wanna make sure you are fine. I heard it’s your last shooting day. If you need someone to talk to just let me know okay?” Taecyeon said. At this point he’s feeling a bit guilty already but he can’t really say anything just yet; things are not yet clear. He can only say “mianhaeyo hyung” in his head for his groupmate’s clear concern about him.

Neh, hyung. See you later.” He said before hanging up.

Once he hanged up, he finally saw her car approaching. Dahaeng ida, chincha. He sighs in relief and got ready to get out of his car. This is it, time to face the music. Fighting, Jang Wooyoung! He cheers himself on, the best way he can.

Seyoung is as anxious as him once she parked her car. Although she’s sure of her answer she’s still a bit scared about how and what the reaction of everybody is going to be. She knows he’s famous; he’s been around far longer that she is. Will the fans accept them if ever their relationship becomes public one day? That thought makes her waver a bit about her decision that she almost didn’t want to get out of her car. But once she saw him get off his own car, she calmed down a bit. Gwaenchana Park Seyoung, you are worth it, he said you are worth it, she repeats in her head as she gets out of her car. You deserve to be happy with this awesome guy.

They smiled at each other when their eyes met. She can see clearly that he is nervous that it makes her really happy. He really cares; he’s not channeling a player look; he looks genuinely about to breakdown if I don’t say the words he wants to hear; these are the thoughts that formed in her head.

He’s looking at her adoringly; like always he’s captivated by her. How is it even possible to feel this much for someone, seriously? Is it your first time to be in love Jang Wooyoung, come back to your senses! He’s having this conversation in his head that’s not helping at all.

As they approach each other he said, “Yah, what took you so long, I thought you weren’t coming, I thought you changed your mind.”

Mian, mani kidaryeochi. I stopped to buy some coffee for us. Then a car followed me so I took a round before heading here. Chongmal, mianhe.” She said as she hands her the coffee that she bought.

“Here I thought.. It’s okay, you’re here now. Did you lose the car tailing you?” He asked gently, most of his worries washing away.

“I think so, I didn’t see the car when I took the main road.” She said. She started to fidget with the straw of her ice coffee. “So, uhm.. You wanted to talk about something?”

“Ah, that. Yes. Ahhh, do you remember on your birthday, I gave you a gift.” He started to speak though he can’t seem to get his words together. He’s scolding himself in his head, pull yourself together babo yah!

Yes, I remember, you gave me a very beautiful charmed watch right?” She teases him; she really loves it whenever he gets all shy; he’s just too cute.

“Yes, that. There’s a note with that remember, what I told you through the letter.”

“Which letter?” She continues to tease him, though she knows she’s gonna pay for it later, she just can’t help it.

“Ermm. Again. Let me start from the beginning.”

Arasso. Sijag!” She clapped her hand like a clapper to start a movie scene.

“I’ll get you later, really, wait for it Park Seyoung.” He clears his throat once more and said, “You remember what I wrote there, that I want you, us to be a reality. That I really, really like you it’s driving me crazy? I mean it, every single word. I held on to your promise and now that we ended our virtual marriage, I wanna ask you to really be with me. Be mine, for real.” He said sincerely, not even blinking while looking her directly in the eyes as if to show that the words are coming from the bottom of his heart.

The words are so beautiful she was stunned into silence. She smiled the sweetest she can, and offered her hand for him to hold. He took her hand without hesitation, unlike that time in Singapore; he didn’t miss the chance to hold her hand, like he vowed never to again.

“Park Seyoung-ie, you’re supposed to answer me, not just hold my hand. Why aren’t you saying anything and just smiling?”

“It’s just, I can’t believe you just said those words, like really coming directly from your lips and not written in paper. You’ve become more courageous Jang Wooyoung-ie.”

Yah, stop making fun of me and give me some answer. Palli daedaphae.”

“Joah, I’ll give you my answer. I don’t really need to think much. Kure, I’m yours.”

And just like that, the weight on his heart has been lifted, he felt really light. He can’t help himself from shouting, “yes!” and he even did a small dance before taking Seyoung in his arms.

“You can’t take it back okay, there’s no taking back!” he said over and over.

“No, I’m not gonna take it back, but can you please stop with the shouting and dancing, we’re at the Han River remember? What if someone sees us? We’ll be dead.”

“Okay, okay, sorry. I’m just really happy. Komapta, yoboyah, komapta.”

“We need to change that nickname too, ah, the chills.” She said as he tries to break away from his embrace.

“Where do you think you’re going? Geunyang isseo. Let’s stay like this for a bit more.”

“But you have a schedule tomorrow and it’s getting late. I’m needed at set tomorrow morning too.”

“Just a little bit more. Igo joah.”

“You’re really… What if someone sees us here?” she asked, although she really doesn’t care anymore too. She’s too happy to be just in his arms right now that all the reasons are disappearing.

“That’s a bridge that we’re gonna cross when that time comes. For now, let’s just stay like this some more. I’m never going to let you go ever.”

So they stayed like that for a few more minutes until their phones ring, bringing them back to the reality that they escaped from in those few minutes.

6 comments on “A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 2

  1. Aku resti says:

    Are you familiar with soompi shipper forum of YY couple?
    Frankly speaking, are you one of the member there?

    I want your permission to put ur FF there, but not all…only spoiler and put ur link.

    Ur FF is good, keep writing please ^^

    • ErlNotEarl says:

      Hi! I’m registered at soompi yes but I haven’t had the guts to join yy nation officially. I did post on the thread once, I lurk there every once in a while. Thanks for the read btw, you can also find my FF @ asianfanfics. Oh and yes, you may quote the FF all I ask is to give credits. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. missienelly says:

    Hehehe reading it for the nth times… Still awesome, Erl!

  3. kusukayo says:

    mHiii,,, the stories are daebak! Feels so realistic.
    I like with your way telling their nervousness, inner thoughts,, so feels like their real selves. And. It so perfect to be realistic delulu about their “ending”/beginning. Hehe. I hope you’ll make another fics.
    Ohyeah, I share your link in my tumblr. I hope it’s okay. 🙂


    • ErlNotEarl says:

      Aww, thank you. I’m happy that you like the story so far. And yes, you can share my link to your tumbler account. Have a great day to you!

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