On Repeat: Just One Day (하루만) – Son Ho Young & Danny Ahn (G.O.D)

I’m amazed at how completely random my taste in music is sometimes, well maybe it has something to do with my mood too but that’s an entirely difficult to explain thing. I do sometimes fear that I am somewhat bipolar or suffering from slight OCD but that’s just the negative side of me talking. And the other side of me doesn’t actually give a cent about it anymore so I say: “Self; live with it!”

The song I’m currently listening on repeat is Just One Day by Son Ho Young & Danny Ahn off the OST of the recently concluded drama on my watch list, Marriage Not Dating. The song is incredibly painful, possibly murdering in my perspective. Why? Well it has begging/pleading, longing and sacrifice; a recipe evoking empathy especially to an acutely passive person like me.

Listening to this song makes me think “ah, so I and my good friend in college aren’t the only ones who believe that pain is pleasure, we are not alone.” Weird thoughts, right? Well it is because I am weird like that, acknowledged. Enough about me and more of the song that’s currently keeping me in a pained state, enough to be inspire to actually be productive. The accompaniment of this piece is incredibly good (of course that’s my opinion) and the voice of the singers are imbued with begging/pleading, longing and sacrificing like it’s nothing. Another note, I never thought it’s possible to rap in a sad tone, is that possible? Apparently it is.

Going deeper into the song or getting lost in the lyrics, it brings back some of what I thought was forgotten sentiments:

There’s nothing more to lose so I cry
The one tear drop that is you, fills my eyes
Love, that easy word, is like a tear to me
So like a fool, I let it fall down

Tears, clearly nobody can escape tears and most of the time we let our tears flow without holding back. That means you’ve resigned to what’s happening, you’ve accepted, you admit that tears is all part of being conned to love, or maybe it’s just me.

I can breathe because it’s you
I can stand it because it’s you
Only one person

Often times when in a stage where you completely surrendered to being in love, there’s always just your object of affection. You’re Super(man/woman) but only for your other half.

For just one day, like a dream
I hope you will stay in my cruel life
Even if I live for one day, it’s you
Even though it hurts, it’s you

Whenever it’s too late or if ever the end has come, that desire to have a few moments more always comes up, the need to make a difference embedded to mind making you promise things that really, you should have done before things turn out for the worst.

I just want to love you for just one day
I want to see you just for an hour
Was love always this hard?
I don’t think my heart is going the way it wants to
Tears fall and linger on my chin
I’m afraid that it’ll fall, it disgusts me
Living is not living at all
Only you can save me, please think of me

No matter how simple we think the things we want are, it’s never the case. Even if we try to think of it simply, it’s not. The good part about it is that you try, you gave your best. No need to feel bad about anything. Pain demands to be felt says the writer of The Fault in Our Stars.

I’ll tell you again, I can’t go on if it’s not you
No one can take your place, never
I love you, I shout out once again toward you
It’s not enough to think about only us, please, I ask you

And some more undying profession of love and desperation, I did mention this is a very desperate and pleading song right, well that’s the simplest way to describe it.

I really feel so much pain listening to this song and in actuality, I feel it twices because all the begging could have been prevented, the possibility is there but hey, it’s the concept so be it. And I needed a bit of depression to be inspired anyways so I’ll be listening some more.


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