You’re Smiling At Me

You’re smiling at me.

For a moment, I paused,

Letting it sink in;

You’re smiling at me.

From a distance,

A faint sound can be heard.

Sweet, melting melody,

Celebrating an epiphany.

Could it be, it’s paying off,

All those years looking at you?

Did you finally noticed me?

Do you finally know I exist?

At any rate, I’ll wait and see,

Whether at last you’ll be a reality.

But for now I’ll cherish this –

You smiling brightly at me.


4 comments on “You’re Smiling At Me

  1. missienelly says:

    Erllllll! Oh My God!!!! I love this feeling!!!! You put our “crush” feelings into one sweet poem and I’m actually blushing a little… I read this with Kang Joo in mind! *bats lashes*

    • ihdiarbhee says:

      I thought you would.. I’ll admit to thinking of him a bit while writing this.. 😉 It would be so nice if he really is smiling directly at us.

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