Can I, Could I

I pretend not to notice her,

As she looks at me from afar.

Though I’m well aware,

Though I know she’s watching.

Maybe she don’t have any idea

How adorable looking she is,

How I try to suppress a smile

Every time I see her hiding.

I should approach her.

I should talk to her.

I should tell her I think she’s cute,

Can I; could I, I’m lost for words.

That has been the case for so long,

Although I don’t wish for it to go on,

All I can do is argue with myself –

Can I, could I possibly ask her out?

Why am I even shy,

When she obviously like me?

Why do I even weigh things,

Why do I over-think?

It would have been nice, if I bumped into her.

It would have been nice if she tripped and fall,

Cause by then it would have been so easy to ask,

Can I, could I possibly hold your hands?


4 comments on “Can I, Could I

  1. missienelly says:

    I’m sure you already know how much I love this poem of yours. Cheesy good, babe! Yes, I have goosebumps but I’m loving this goosebumps. I want more goosebumps poems, puhllleeeeezz!

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