Falling in Love With IU

Out of curiosity and since I’ve been listening to the song Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom by High4 featuring IU, I’ve decided to check out IU’s songs on YouTube, I seem to be really loving that site lately anyways. Right, so I checking out IU’s songs prove to be an awesome idea; yes, it is an awesome idea. It’s an awesome idea to continue on this journey of immersing myself with all this goodness which is Kpop. I sound obsessed, I guess I am a bit, just a bit.

So, IU; hmmm.. The first song that I listened/watched and sealed my love for this adorable girl is this:

To say that I fell in love a few seconds of watching the MV is not an exaggeration on my part, I have a thing for girls playing the guitar being a frustrated guitar player myself and seeing her use the pluck strum technique, at the back of my head I know, I’m so into her already. Anyways, enough with being dreamy about IU and back to the MV; visually, well in all honesty, she is adorable, really cute. I like seeing her on screen. The story as projected in the MV though is a bit confusing from the feel that I am getting from the music itself so I mostly closed my eyes and feel every beat and her sweet melodious voice. I’m not saying that I do not like the concept of the MV, it’s just that the feel is that of a “love” love song and the MV’s concept has a guy being friend zoned and that’s sad.

Basing on the melody and music though, it’s a keeper. It gives this feel good feel like the world is painted pink, rosy with roses pink. Its cotton candy sweet, bone melting and smooth that leaves you almost weightless as a feather. I love how all the musical instruments come together and blended so well with IU’s voice, it’s just so lovely, makes me wanna fall in love or something similar to that.

And of course, the most important part for me, the lyrics: this seems to be a real trend, Friday in love. It’s not the first Friday song I’ve ever heard, The Cure has Friday I’m in Love and I happen to breathe that song not so long ago. The lyrics is wonderfully written, and the story I’m picturing with it is very far from the MV itself but it is all fine with me, since I would be listening to it more than I’ll be watching it anyways.

Ultimately, this song made it to my feel good playlist, something that I would listen to if I wanna feel that tingly feeling in my toes, or when I drink hot choco with marshmallows or  if I wanna feel in love. And I think I am in love with IU. This is another great find and I guess I won’t stop looking at all. I’m enjoying myself so much.


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