I Remember

A smell, a taste,

A place, a book,

A particular music genre,

Could stop my train of thoughts.

And during those few seconds,

Just for a few seconds –

I remember you, what we used to do,

Thankfully without feelings anymore.

Honestly it took some time,

Probably because you’re the first –

The first person I went all out for,

The first person I crossed islands for.

Maybe it’s not enough,

Or was it so reassuring

That you have me under a spell

Dancing on your pretty palm.

Those days are all behind me – somehow;

I’m back on my own shore.

The feelings are almost gone,

Though inevitably, sometimes, I remember.

Though it doesn’t pain me anymore,

Like it did not so long ago –

Those things, several certain things,

That always, surely; remind me of you.


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