Bride of the Century Ep 1

A chaebol meets and fell in love with a poor girl without knowing it, clichéd right? How about adding a ghost on top of that, do you know what you are getting? Trouble, yes, trouble because it’s going to be engaging no matter how clichéd it is. Those are the ingredients in the cooking pot labeled Bride of the Century and so far, I’m loving this mixture.

Mood Setter: Stay by Cueshe [audio]

The show opens with a group of gossiping women peeping on walls made out of paper, there’s another disadvantage of walls made of paper, one should really think plenty of times when deciding to build a house; just kidding. Anyways, they are each saying how pitiful the girl is and that she won’t even survive her first night. That’s the moment that the curse that false to the first bride of the first son of the family was mentioned. Inside the room, the groom is also talking about the same thing although by the way he’s talking; it shows that he doesn’t believe such thing. Ohhhhh, it’s ‘the haunting’ thingy and the ghost is supposedly the ‘owner’ of the ‘house’ though I can’t really say if all those were true, you know, tongue in cheek, “rumors has it.”


Then enters Lady Choi, well I guess she is also Lady Choi here like on her old days as a “Mugakshi” though not quite as bad ass. She gives instruction that no one is to disturb the newly wed. Queue weird noises, gushing winds, in short, scary sound effects, yes, yes, it is predictable but I am falling for it. The groom is seen fainting, the lights turning into Christmas lights cut to the bride running in the woods or something like that while the groom organize a search party and finally, the silhouette of a lady with long black hair in long flowing black dress. She chases the helpless and frightened bride to a cliff and a screamed was heard, the next thing seen is a shoe on the edge of the cliff.


Move on to present day, to a seafood diver hauling her catch of the day, she have a good haul by the smile plastered on her cute face. As she sits by the shore she sees a red coat, a pair of red shoes and its owner, a woman who jumped off the cliff. She dives in to save her and as she swims to take her to safety queue scary sound effects; the woman in white was briefly shown to be in a black flowing dress, oh nos, it’s the ghost not of girlfriends past but the ghost from a long time ago. She’s somehow taken a back but managed to take the woman to the shore.

As she was about to give her CPR, the woman started breathing again and even complained that she took so long to save her. What an interesting ghost we have here. Apparently she’s broken hearted because her lover loved someone else – cheated of her, despite of his promise to love only her for the rest of his life. She called the diver who saved her a girl with a grade school kid’s body; which is far from the thanks that she was expecting. Unexpectedly for two people meeting each other for the first time, they had a conversation about love, and they each have a good point about it I must admit, it was quite entertaining. The woman, now draped in a red coat gave her ‘savior’ her bracelet saying that it’s all she has, that it’s a lucky charm that brings love and that she, the diver is not to take it for granted because it is going to change her life. The woman then disappeared with her red shoes that are hot off the shelf not after she gave her a word of encouragement: “fighting!” leaving Doo-rim – that’s what grandma called her; dumbfounded.

Grandma and Doo-rim owns a seafood restaurant by the sea, Doo-rim goes to deliver somewhere I’m guessing the construction site in the vicinity. The said site is facing some decline and an inevitable halt because the payment of the workers is not on time and they are resisting, well I would too if I was in their shoes. The gentleman whom the ‘site supervisor’ is reporting relayed that they should be receiving funds from Taeyang Group in the near future; thus he asked for them to bear with the company until that time.

He receives a call from Yi-kyung oh wait, she looks uncannily like Doo-rim. She’s on her way to the airport and by her response to her brother it is certain that she’s meeting an important person thus the need for not making mistakes.

Seen driving her scoter is Doo-rim, on delivery duty. ‘Oppa’ is still on the phone apparently worrying because it has been a while since her sister has seen the person she’s meeting. He asked her to make the meeting a little less awkward. As Doo-rim gets off her scoter, she saw some bricks falling directly on helmetless gentleman. She ran, pushed him aside thus the bricks landed and broke on her helmeted head. The gentleman was stunned at the wonder girl who saved her but mostly because she looks like her sister. They asked each other if they are okay all the while he has this look of disbelief on his face. He got to ask if she needs to go to the hospital once he somehow came to his senses but she says she’s fine, she has extensive martial arts training; hearing that he gave his card with an assuring “if anything is wrong, you can reach me at this number.”

As Doo-rim runs to hand out her delivery, he got a call from his sister, he relayed what happened, that he saw someone that looks like her. She asked if there’s a secret to her birth that she’s not aware of like does she have a twin sister separated from her as a baby. I’ve seen that story before; a typical melo. She was assured that he is okay and he is coming home early. He was approached and asked to eat lunch at a restaurant but he opted to eat with the workers; it turned out to be a good thing, it brought him closer to his employees.


At the airport the reporters are gathered awaiting the arrival of a very handsome guy that is an understatement; let me wipe my drool… Done! He stops in front of Yi-kyung and she hands him a bouquet as a sign of welcoming him back. He is Kang-joo and he is one cold good looking bad ass that came home after studying abroad and apparently he’s displeased about the ruckus about his coming home.


As they drive somewhere he asked his Roo-mi about something he had instructed her, she hands him a box that he gave to Yi-kyung. Inside it is a necklace that he wants him to wear. They end up in I assume a Japanese restaurant. She’s just eating salad because she doesn’t eat sushi which Kang-joo is unaware of. She says the Salmon salad is good enough, salmon and caviar is edible to her. She asked what his likes and dislikes are. She also expressed that she can really feel that they are engaged now since they are eating together and he even gave her a gift thus she wants them to get to know each other better. Kang-joo opted to be a royal ass by asking if she didn’t see the list that his mom has prepared, they don’t need to waste time getting to know each other. Taken a back she asked if he isn’t tired, he should have went home since he just arrived and his parents are probably waiting for him. At that precise time, she found out the true reason why he invited her for lunch – to close a deal with President Kaneko, the president of JR Group. She also understand why he gave the necklace – Eternal Love, it was designed by President Kaneko’s deceased husband. The moment she saw it and upon learning that he proposed to Yi-kyung with it, like her deceased husband, she cancelled her previous appointment and signed with Kang-joo’s company.


Yi-kyung was outraged knowing that she was used like a puppet which he agreed, she is his puppet. Since their marriage is a business deal and not out of love. Weirdly, even if he’s behaving like an ass I can’t help but swoon a bit, Lee Hong-ki is adorable but he looks good enough to eat as Kang-joo. He walks out with his staffs, leaving her to brood and walk in another direction only to be stopped by Kan-joo’s brother – Kang-in with girlfriend Leann in tow. She tells him she had lunch with his brother who just got back. She leaves the pair treating them coldly.


Kang-joo does a company inspection, staffs in tow. First, he axed the idol group as image models of the company; next he fired the customer service staff for smoking, that’s a busy work day for someone who just got back home I say. At Yi-kyung’s house, Yi-kyung’s mom is having a fit because of her daughter getting all worked up for being treated like a puppet. She orders her to hold it in even if she feels wronged. She says that their company is in money trouble, investors had all withdrawn and Taeyang Group is their last hope for the company not to shut down. My, it is indeed a business deal kind of wedding; all of their hopes are invested on this one too.


Knag-joo finally reached home; one of those historic homes, so beautiful. He’s all smiles as he greets the house help who are excited to see him home. He sits down for tea with his parents and let me just say that I love the tea set, it looks so elegant and all, I suddenly have this urge to buy one. Back to the family afternoon tea party, his dad praised him for closing the deal with JR Group. As it should, his mom doesn’t see him working right away as a good thing while his dad imparted wise words, keys to success. The talk then shifted to his brother, obviously the family’s ‘black sheep’. He hasn’t called, his phone is turned off, and it could be he hasn’t been home in a while too. Kang-joo assures his parents that his brother would go home in his own accord one day.


At Yi-kyung’s house, there’s another tea party going own. The talk is about the construction site, has the issue been resolved and all that. Oppa – Yi-hyun asked if her sister’s airport encounter went well. Instead of going to the details, she asked about the girl that look likes her, how much they resemble. Shift to the county side, Doo-rim took off the “lucky bracelet” calling it a piece of crap, I have a bad feeling she shouldn’t have done that. She goes to sleep beside her grandma, the bracelet seen on top of the table, I can feel trouble a-brewing.


At Kang-joo’s house, Kang-joo lights a candle. He’s in front of an altar having a flashback of his young self, knocking from inside a locked room; another mysterious thing, why was he locked and why is he all dirty?  On his way out, he meets the house help. She was surprised that he’s not yet asleep; he should be tired because he just got back. He bid the help good night and walks away. Additional mystery: the house help noticed that he goes to that altar the moment he gets home, what’s with that?


Somewhere near the sea, Doo-rim is doing an awesome job at sales talking to some Monster fanatics. They ordered everything that she recommended and even gave 30% discount, yeah! She then goes to give her lodge money; I’m guessing it’s a cooperative thingy where each members take turns in receiving money, something like that. The shop owner, who is also in charge of keeping the “members” money, gave her some cosmetics, I get this feeling that she’s up to no good; it’s just a feeling. I’ll wait and see.


At Yi-kyung’s house, her room specifically, Yi-kyung is still stewing, she checks her phone, there’s this message. She takes a deep breath and wonder aloud how important is Choi Kang-joo to have the right to treat her badly. Mom checks on her, she doesn’t looks so good, what is troubling her? The scene fades to reveal an old spectacled guy seeing a client off; once she disappeared, he ran inside the “temple” to rest. I figure he’s a psychic, he feels the disturbance and the ghost appeared as he opens his eyes, the same one from the beginning and at the beach and she is gliding down on him and stopped once they are face to face. She went down to business saying she’s out of time. A woman is to come once she leaves and he is to reveal everything to her, let her know everything she wants. What a bossy scary ghost!


True enough, a woman came – Yi-kyung’s mom; she mentioned of her daughter’s upcoming wedding, the psychic assumes that she wants to know about the future of the bride and groom. He asked for their date of birth so she hands him an envelope not with the date of birth but with money. She said she knows that he takes care of Taeyang Group family using the lunar and solar cycle. What is the significance of this meeting?


By the sea side, Doo-rim is selling coffee and cup ramen.  She meets the customers from the restaurant earlier. The girls are talking about how hot Choi Kang-joo is while Doo-rim doesn’t have the slightest idea who he is. They gave her the details and as they were doing so, one of the girls noticed that she looks like someone, like Kang-joo’s fiancée. They were interrupted by customers who ordered coffees but wouldn’t pay. A bad idea as they ended beaten up by Doo-rim to the cheering of the passers by.


At home, she finds that most of the bills increased. As she counts her earning, she wished that she could earn as much as she earned that night again. Grandma brings snacks, Doo-rim’s favorite sweet potato, they ate it with kimchee and let me just say that scenes like this always warms my heart, it reminds me of those days with my own grandma, may she rest in peace.  She mentioned that once she gets her lodge money, she will take grandma to the hospital for a checkup, but grandma won’t budge. She recollects that she got sick when Doo-rim’s parents died and she won’t be going to any hospital until they come back. Doo-rim, feeling grandma’s sadness cheered her up with promises of good life once she makes lots of money; she says grandma has to live long to enjoy everything. They closely watch grandma’s favorite drama on their beat up tv.


The next day, my fear about the shop owner who’s in charge of collecting the cooperative’s money materialized, she ran away taking Doo-rim’s hard earned money with her. Everyone is distressed. Doo-rim drives off to the bus station but Bong Sook is nowhere to be found. She walks lifelessly, hopeless because of what happened. When she reached home, she sees grandma passed out on the floor.


At the hospital, the doctor says that grandma needs surgery as soon as possible. Poor hardworking Doo-rim, how wronged you must be feeling, how desperate you must be. Grandma wakes up, having the same sentiments that I have, she promised that she will find that woman once she gets out of the hospital but Doo-rim insist that she can earn the money again, all she need is for grandma to be healthy so grandma should rest, she is such a sweet grandchild.


At the Choi house, Daddy Choi is playing a classic sad song, seen on the table is a picture of a woman in a wedding dress, who could she be? Outside, Mommy Choi sees Daddy Choi; she tells Daddy Choi that she knows he doesn’t want to live in this house but it’s his mother’s last wish for them to stay there. And revelation, the woman in the picture is Daddy Choi’s first love and I can sense that Mommy Choi is jealous of her; does it make sense that you are jealous of a dead person?  Hmmm. She says if he wants to get rid of the house, he should start with the picture first.


At Kang-joo’s office, one of his assistants reminds him that it’s already late; Mr. Workaholic seems to not mind staying at the office, he sends him home. In a restaurant somewhere, Yi-kyung’s ‘friends’ are admiring the necklace that Kang-joo gave her. Roo-mi says it’s as expensive as an apartment in Gangnam, but it’s just natural for the future daughter in law of Taeyang Group to receive something like it. There’s this air of animosity between Yi-Kyung and Roo-mi; I am guessing, Roo-mi is in love with Kang-joo, its clichéd and predictable but who says that premise can’t be reused. They irritate one another and Roo-mi went as far as telling Yi-kyung that her perseverance is unbelievable in a very insulting way.


In the bathroom, Yi-kyung goes head to head with Roo-mi asking why she was chosen and not her. Turns out Roo-mi is the daughter of the Attorney General who investigated Taeyang Group’s money laundering case a year ago not to mention Yi-kyung parents wanted her to marry into Taeyang Group though that’s not enough reason for Roo-mi to give up. She grew up with Kang-joo and plans to stick around like gum in a shoe; she warns Yi-kyung to be careful because she might take her place. Yi-kyung is not the least shaken, she plans to do everything for the wedding to take place because their company’s future depends on it, she won’t let the opportunity pass her by. They insult each other some more, Roo-mi riled her for being a true to form puppet. She walks out with the last words; a reminder that she has to attend Kang-joo’s officially joining the company party.

Day of the party, Yi-kyung is dolling up, she’s remembering the time when Kang-joo called her his puppet and her mom’s words that the marriage need to work out for their sake. I can tell the wheels on her head are turning and I don’t think she’s up to something good.

At the party, a little boy hands a note and a box to Yi-hyun; he asked the boy “where is the noona who gave the box” the boy mentioned that she left. He panicky makes his way to Yi-kyung’s mom handing the box and the note. It’s from Yi-kyung, asking for some time to think; she’s returning the necklace “to hold on to her last bit of pride.” Right after they finished checking the note and the box the Choi family approached. Daddy Choi says he doesn’t see Yi-kyung, Yi-kyung’s mom came up with some excuse though I don’t have any idea what it was, I wasn’t shown.

From the party, the scene shifted to Yi-kyung’s house, mom desperately calls out to what seems to be an empty house. They go to her room and found it empty. She breaks down agonizing “what would happen to her Yi-kyung?” Yi-hyun comforts her saying he will find her, he will make sure that she is found.

Kang-joo’s mom calls Yi-kyung’s mom showing pictures of Yi-kyung taken by paparazzi. Ah, so the excuse was a case of appendicitis, too bad it was thwarted by the paparazzi. It was not published; thankfully, Taeyang Group cleans up “nicely” though Kang-joo’s mom gave an ultimatum – a family dinner to be attended by both parties and if Yi-kyung fails to attend, they would have no choice but to reconsider the marriage.


At her office, Yi-kyung’s mom is having a fit; the detective doesn’t have any news of Yi-kyung’s whereabouts and the dinner is right in front of their noses; breaking the engagement is not an option due to the current state of their company, a complete chaos is about to break if Yi-kyung is not found. Yi-hyun mentioned that what they need is to get pass the dinner date that was set, they can buy some time if ever.


At Doo-rim’s house, she is currently on the phone with a money lending agent, she’s annoyed that she needs to make a down payment when she is trying to borrow money, well I agree, that doesn’t make any sense. She remembers that grandma is waiting for her; she grabs what she can and rushed out of the house.


Yi-hyun drove to Grandma and Doo-rim’s restaurant; he was told that the restaurant is closed for the day. Cut to Doo-rim checking what I am guessing to be lottery numbers; she didn’t win. She puts her hand on her pocket and the bracelet fell down; she recalled the words that the woman she saved said that the bracelet is a lucky charm. She puts it on saying she’s gonna give the lottery one more try. She checks her money and found the card that Yi-hyun gave her.


Flashback to Yi-hyun saying if something goes wrong to give him a call; after having a few minutes of argument with herself, she decided to give him a call. At that exact moment, Yi-hyun sees her, she lies trough her teeth saying she’s in serious pain because of the accident only to panic when he said he is coming like right now. The girl is a terrible liar. Yi-hyun approached her asking if they can talk.


As they sit in a park somewhere, he asked if she can put her hair up, Doo-rim shaken up insist that the injury is internal. Yi-hyun having not much time stands up and put her hair up. He can’t believe how much Doo-rim resembles her “missing” sister. Doo-rim thinking that she’s been caught lying comes clean that she needs money because something came up, she even apologized. Instead of making a fuzz, Yi-hyun said that he needs her to be the fiancée of Taeyang Group’s Choi Kang-joo to Doo-rim’s surprise.


At Taeyang Group’s mall, Kang-joo and staffs are seen entering and employees are bowing in respect, he passed by a woman, wait, isn’t that our resident ghost? He somehow sensed it and he turned around but Miss Ghost is gone, in her place is a mall’s employee.



This is unexpectedly entertaining. It’s nice to see Lee Hong-ki stepping out of the box, you know being an adorable cute cutie to a hawt one, well in my opinion that is. So far I am very much intrigued, I have so many questions that I want to be answered like who is this ghost, why is she killing the first bride, is Yi-kyung and Doo-rim twins or something, why do they look alike, what’s the issue with Daddy Choi why did Yi-kyung left and so on. Another thing I am curious about is the bracelet that brings love, if the ghost that gave it to her takes the life of the first brides, is it some sort of talisman thingy much like Queen In-hyun’s Man? Hmmm.

Also, I can’t help but love the contrast in character of Yi-kyung and Doo-rim; seeing that Doo-rim is about to step on Yi-kyung’s place, I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen and how it is going to affect Kang-joo and everyone around her in general. It’s going to be so fun.

Roo-mi successfully irritated me as she should, although I do hope that she gets over her unrequited love for her own good, life is too short to be too clingy to a guy that doesn’t notice you at all, it’s another thing if you know that he also has the hots for you but in her case, I don’t see any sparkle, or I refuse to see any.

So far I am entertained, and I hope it continues to entertain me.


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