Capturing a Moment’s Display as the Moment Passes By

The part of the apartment I love the most in the balcony and I know I kind of showed off why, what with the photos of the golf course below, the dramatic evening lights and colors and now there’s this:

I’ve taken that video a few days ago, Friday to be exact but what I was really thinking as I was watching this display just came together today, it finally clicked, several days delayed, thank you thought process for cooperating with me.

Mood Setter: Warning by Incubus

As I was watching this display I was completely and utterably amazed, fireworks has this certain ability to take my breath away, at least one or two heavy breaths and during those time I lose the ability to think of anything else but just that moment, that moment of seeing that fancy display in the sky, that brief moment that’s over before you had enough.

Life is somehow like that, moments pass you by unnoticed, gone too soon and you don’t have any idea how significant that particular moment is because you’re too busy thinking of other things, things that doesn’t really count nor matter. And most of the time, those things makes you unhappy, which of course you don’t really deserve because life is too short to be unhappy, yet your thoughts wallow in that direction, mostly because you let it.

The question is: what is happiness? This is a good answer:

Don’t you agree with this quote, I do. Happiness can be found in the simplest of things say finding that the elevator is at your floor on the exact moment that you need it cause you’re in a hurry. Finding that you still have some coffee when you’re sure that you have none; talking to a family member and hearing the words that you need to hear badly. There’s plenty of other things, simple things that could make one happy, sadly, most of what I mentioned are not noticed as much because in this fast phased time, these seems to be insignificant.

As I was watching this fireworks display, well, what I have captured that is, I started thinking was I even enjoying those simple moments or am I focusing on things that are far too complicated and insignificant that in the process, I’m making myself melancholy? I guess somehow, I am. Realizing that, I promised myself that I am gonna give my best to treasure each moment, no matter how simple it is before it pass me by, like the way I captured this fireworks display, I would forever keep it in my memory and look back every once in a while and smile.


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