My Ear Candy: Let It Go

I recently seriously watched Disney’s Frozen, by seriously that means no skipping and without giving in to the urge to click forward and I must say, I was amazed. Well, that’s a given I think; I don’t think I’ll ever get over my love of anything Disney produced, animation or not. It must be because of the child in me, go figure but I adore and love Disney movies to pieces. Frozen is not an exception. I like the characters specially Olaf, of course little Anna (thanks to her I’ve been stuck with the question “do you wanna build a snowman?” for a few days now) and Elsa. I specially love her song, Let It Go, it’s very emotional, it shows her acceptance and conclusion that “it’s okay now, I’m going to be true to myself, I’ll stop hiding what I am and live the way I want to.” Here’s the clip from YouTube:

My search result also showed that the song included in the OST is sung by Demi Lovato. I like her version too. In case you haven’t heard it yet here’s Demi sporting a hair color like Elsa’s:

There’s also a Korean version by Hyorin and I have to say, her version is rocking, well at least as per my opinion but you be the judge:

But what I love the most is this version:

This boy is awesome! Every time I feel uninspired to write a poem, I listen to his covers and the words would flow. The sound coming from a violin is like an essence of inspiration to me and this boy can really play, he’s exemplary. 🙂

Uhm, by now you have an idea that this is my LSS and I am obsessing with it since I listened to different versions, yeah, I’m like that, obsessive sometimes.

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