Liebster Award Take 2 & 3


Pretty big title right, well it is a big deal for me that is why. After the surprise of the first nomination, there are two other unexpected nominations that followed and seriously, I am speechless. One nomination was already awesome for me but to get two more, WOW! I don’t know where and how to begin thanking you guys, Snow and Hyuk Ahjussi Devoted Fan.

Okay so before I turn all weepy and whatnot, here are the rules of the Liebster Award.

1. Each nominee has to link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers for this award.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Now for my answer to Snow’s question:

1. Who is your favorite K-ent actor and actress?

This is difficult, very difficult, I can’t decide. I like plenty of actors and actresses but I do have to admit that I’m currently mooning over Yoon Si-yoon.

2. Talking about favorites, what are your favorite movies, TV serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland?

This is easy enough, my favorite movie outside Kdramaland is One More Chance, it’s a Filipino Movie leaning more on melo, but it’s a good melo, I think I watched it more than 15 times but I still cry every time. TV serial would be Trueblood, although I’m a little disappointed that they’re straying way too far away from the book lately, especially on season 6. My favorite actor is Alexander Skarsgard, please do not judge me, actress Sandra Bullock.

3. If your life were a drama, which one would it be?

Hmmm, another difficult question; I guess I would go with Flower Boy Next Door, I’m Go Dok-mi in the making.

4. Dramas or novels? Why?

Dramas and novels, though I have to admit I haven’t been reading much lately because I’m too occupied with dramas. I like dramas because of the dreamy actors and actresses plus soundtrack. Novels because it makes my imagination work more, more brain workout, more feelings explored and later written as poems.

5. Which color do you like the most and why?

I am in favorite color transition currently. I used to favor blue, then red and now it’s purple. Either way these colors has one thing in common, it’s colors of goodbye or sadness.

6. Your dream cast for a drama: main leads as well as second leads.

Oh, this is going to be fun. Well there’s Yoon Si-yoon, Lee Min-ho, Sung Joon and Lee Seung-gi for the actors, for the actresses Ha Ji-won, Shin Min-ah and Jun Ji-hyun. That’s one smoking drama, because I say so.

7. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?

For me, the best thing about blogging is that you have a specific and special place where you can be yourself and talk about what it is that you really want and meeting or talking to people who share the same interest as you are.

Here are the questions from Hyuk Ahjussi Devoted Fan:

1. What is your favorite movie? – from any country

My all time favorite is My Sassy Girl, 2ndis One More Chance.

2. What is the most wonderful thing that happened in your life?

Most wonderful, hmmm, I’m a moment to moment person so this is kind of tough for me. But I guess I could say it’s knowing that I am important to my siblings, way more than I expected and it’s not because of financial matters, it’s more on emotional. That’s all the love I need for now.

3. What are you doing right now other than answering this question?

Uhm, I’m currently having some tea, might work on my review after this.

4. If you were given USD 10,000 what will you do with that money? Please don’t save it.

Tour parts of Asia namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and of course South Korea then go for a two week adventure on the provinces of the Philippines. I’ll start with Baguio then Cagayan, Boracay, Davao oh and Palawan.

5. Android or iPhone?

Hmmm, Blackberry. Seriously the Z10 is awesome! I want to buy myself one but for now I’m stuck with iPhone.

6. Do you have someone you want to punch at this current moment?

Yup, but I’m not gonna give in.

7. Express yourself in 3 words

Complex, obsessive and loner

8. Express your k-drama crush in 3 words.

Dreamy, adorable and dazzling.

9. What is your favorite Korean phrases?

Maldoandwae, jugeullae? Michyeonabwa.

10.Coffee or tea or milk?

Coffee, tea and milk. I prefer coffee but I also drink tea and if I can’t sleep, I drink milk.

Now for my set of questions:

1. Something that you couldn’t do without.
2. Somewhere you desperately want to go.
3. If you are to write a story or drama, what is it going to be about?
4. 10 random things about you.
5. Cola or juice?
6. Pen or pencil?
7. Pillows or stuff animals/toys?
8. Describe your dream get away.
9. If you could go back in time and talk to your old self, what would you talk about?
10. If you can change something about yourself, what is it?

Here are my nominees:








Now to notify them. I hope they have fun answering this questions. Again, I thank Snow and Hyuk Ahjussi Devoted Fan for the nomination, sorry if I took so long to answer the questions.


16 comments on “Liebster Award Take 2 & 3

  1. I enjoy your post ^^ Blackberry Z10 is awesome? I used to use blackberry before but changed to Android because of less developer developing their applications in blackberry platform.
    Aaaannd…I saw my country there, on your tour list 😀 Where are you from? The Philippines?

    • ihdiarbhee says:

      Happy that you enjoyed my post. It’s the keypad that I am after, that’s what I loved about Blackberry in the first place, I tend to be abusive with the keypad and that’s not happening with iPhone. At least the virtual keyboard of z10 is awesome, plus most of my close friends are using Blackberry, I’m the butt of moron jokes nowadays because of my iPhone, aish!
      Which is your country among those that I have mentioned? Yup, I am from the Philippines. I hail from one of the provinces of Central Luzon. 🙂

      • Most of my close friend use Android. Only my boss uses blackberry. I’m from Malaysia. I too want to go for an Asia tour. And I used to watch Philippines’ drama. I think ‘Pangako sayo’ is one of them.

      • ihdiarbhee says:

        Android is a good phone, I like it, only Blackberry has 1% more hold on me. 🙂 Oh, Malaysia! I was chatting with my younger brother’s friend the other day, well I guess he’s my friend as well now since we chat regularly, he is teaching in Penang. When I told him I wanted to visit he went all tourist guide-ish on me. He said coffee in Malaysia is awesome, the kid really knows how to talk “Ate” (our term for older sister or older woman) into it; thus, I desperately want to go where the coffee is divine! I remember Pangako Sa’yo, that was a good drama, even if it’s lengthy. What’s your impression of the Philippines’ drama that you’ve seen?

      • Coffee? I wonder what is the difference between our coffee and other’s coffee. I can’t really differentiate the coffee taste but I love coffee. Haha, weird right? I actually forgot what’s the drama all about but i know for sure the songs were good and the actor was so handsome. Can’t really remembered the actress. But I know the drama was good because I still remember its title though the drama aired almost 10 years ago.

      • ihdiarbhee says:

        Yes, coffee. He says he loves the white coffee, dunno where he buys it though but he says if ever I’m somewhere in Penang let him know. Nope, it’s not. But for me coffee is like wine, there are certain degrees of satisfaction, well at least that’s what I think of it. I’m a certified coffee addict. So far your the third person on the web that I talked to through blogging that likes coffee. Meaning that’s three person I’d invite for coffee. awesome! Come to think of it, you’re all from Malaysia. WOW!
        The actor is Jericho Rosales and Pangako Sa’yo was one of the good dramas from the Philippines. There was a remake recently which I didn’t had the time to watch. Plus for me a remake is a hit or miss and mostly it is a miss, take My Sassy Girl for example. Btw, was Pangako Sa’yo Aired on your local TV network?

      • Who doesn’t loves coffee? There’s a remake of my sassy girl? Wow! This is the first time I heard about that. -_- I love my sassy girl with ji hyeon unnie. Just can’t imagine any other version. And yes, Pangako sa’yo aired on our local tv. It was a big hit if I’m not mistaken. We talked about the drama during and after class. I watched it with my whole family.

      • ihdiarbhee says:

        One of my roommates abhor coffee, which I don’t understand. A friend said there is a remake but now that I think about it, she must be talking about the American adaptation. I didn’t watched that version either. My friend is a newb. I sort of corrupted her, I watched a few episodes of Goong with her and she’s on the same boat now.
        I love My Sassy Girl to pieces, I think I watched it countless times. Ji hyeon gave life to that character and I can’t imagine anyone else who can give it justice too.
        Some of the scenes of Pangako Sa’yo was shot at my university, I remember the commotion. Those were the days. I used to sneak out of my last class to watch it. 🙂 I’m a bad girl. I did the same with Meteor Garden but with Meteor Garden, the professor went with us so it was all good. LOL

  2. DDee says:

    Thanks to FBND I adore Yoon Shi Yoon! And I think many bloggers have a little Go Dok Mi in them ;P. And come to Malaysia! And visit Penang, lots of good eats there 🙂

    • ihdiarbhee says:

      Yes, Go Dok Mi, that we all do have. Shi-yoonie is also adorable in Me Too Flower. I finished watching it, I’m now trying to finish King of Baking, Kim Takgu all 30 episodes of it. It’s all about Yoon Shi-yoon these days. 😀
      Yes, I’m going to. And I hope to see you guys in case. That would be a new experience that’s very much welcome to me.
      How’s the Lunar New Year Celebration Ddee?

      • DDee says:

        That’s the mark of a fangirl–watching all the dramas good or bad ;P. How is it going so far? You must be watching Prime Minister & I then?
        As for celebrations, it’s been great, except for a getting slightly ill and battling crazy traffic jams. I’m glad things have calmed down now and feel somewhat more normal. But there was some good eats, which I always look forward to 😀

      • ihdiarbhee says:

        So far, it’s good. I need to buy myself another tissue box, this drama is turning me into a mess, I cried so much already. Yup, I am watching Prime Minister and I, I feel so bad for him. Every time he comes up on my screen with Yoona I voice out that I am here. Lol!
        Aw, I hope you get better soon and good eats are always welcomed in my book too. Glad you had a great celebration.

      • DDee says:

        Sounds like PM & I is a big waste of his talent!!
        Thanks I am getting better, if I can get more sleep I’ll be fine in no time. Alas…

      • ihdiarbhee says:

        Indeed it is. I haven’t watched the last 2 Eps but Mskoala sure is disappointed with the ending, well disappointed is an understatement thus am putting those eps on hold at least for the weekend.
        Get some fruits on you too, that helps, well at least for me. Sleep? What’s that? Lol. Seriously I need some good sleep too, I’ve been sleep deprived for the past few days.

      • DDee says:

        I saw a two random eps on KBSworld while recuperating earlier this week and I think it put a damper on my plans to marathon this one. Which gave me some license to spoil myself and read Koala’s finale recap. Which was the nail in the coffin. And it started out so promisingly too! Yoon Shi Yoon and Yoona did look good together though 😉

      • ihdiarbhee says:

        Oh, it’s good that you haven’t started it yet. It’s a complete waste of Yoon Shi-yoon’s talent. I agree with you that he and Yoona look good together, too bad he’s the fall guy. I still can’t push myself to finish the last 2 eps, it feels such a waste plus I am now just feeling the relief. Hehe

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