Malversation, An Interesting Word With a More Interesting Meaning

I failed to post my word of the day yesterday, which I somehow don’t feel bad about because today’s word is a new word to me, well the word is new but the meaning is not so much. I was actually discussing something near this word’s meaning a few days back with a friend, well sort of friend. I am his child’s Godmother so yes, we are friends then. Here’s my word of the day as suggested by my ever smart dictionary app:

malversation \mal-ver-SAY-shun\

noun. 1: misbehavior and especially corruption in an office, rust, or commission 2: corrupt administration


The city council impeached the mayor for administrative misconduct and malversation, charging that he has used his office primarily for personal gain.

Further information about the word of the day (source: Merriam-Webster App for iPhone):

The form “mal-” is often a bad sign in a word, and “malversation” is no exception. In Middle French, “mal-” (meaning “bad,” from the Latin word for “bad,” “malus”) teamed up with “verser” (“to turn, handle,” from the Latin verb “vertere,” “to turn “) to create “malverser,” a verb meaning”to be corrupt.” This in turn led to the French noun “malversation,” which was adopted by English speakers in the mid-16th century. Some other “mal-” words that entered English from Middle French are “maladroit” (“inept”), “malcontent” (“discontented”), and “maltreat” (“to treat badly”).

Right, so what’s our discussion about? Well it has something to do about politics, yes, politics and I am glad to know that I am not alone in my views on politics. What’s my say on it? It’s something that makes good people go bad, unintentionally. I say unintentionally because I know that not everyone that enters politics has it in their mind to make use of the governments fund or to further deprive the people, there are those few who enters politics in a strong hope to make a change but fails in the end. Why do I think so? Well because of the people around them starting from the advisers to the higher ups and before they know it, they are doing the same thing that they promised not to do, by that time it’s too late to turn back and by that time, everything turns into a tragedy.

I do hope that in time, the necessary changes comes, in the near future mayhaps. Once the government has been rid of malversation, people like me would have a better say and view on politics and maybe finally stop questioning the system governing us.


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