A Nod to My Resting Place

Just when I thought we won’t understand each other,

things fell into place as comprehension dawned on us,

I need you, you need me, to face what’s to come,

To get through tomorrow, to meet the responsibilities.

And I know I don’t say it much,

not the type to really express or say –

whatever or however I feel,

whether I’m bleeding or needing air.

Never again would I miss that chance,

never again would I over-think

on expressing my appreciation

of you keeping me on my toes.

Maybe you’ll think “it’s the alcohol talking”

since you’re aware I have my way with a bottle;

I introduced you to drinking didn’t I,

then endured an hour long nagging afterwards.

I look back just like this and marvel,

the closeness we have now, is it real?

It wasn’t long ago that we’ll pass as cats and dogs,

snarling at each other, saying hurtful not meant words.

Can’t really say I didn’t dislike you back then,

back when we were pint sized people.

I was always blue with jealousy,

green with envy cause you’re favored; or I thought.

How long ago and when was that,

That night when I went home and you opened up?

“I understand you now, how and what you feel.”

honestly those words brought me to tears.

As we grow older I see you on different lights,

I learned not to compete but to understand.

To love, care and cherish you as I should,

Just like how an older sister should.

Eventually, overtime; we made such tight a bond,

more than siblings, more than genuine friends.

We each found a fortress with each other,

a peaceful somehow messy resting place.

Let’s say it’s just beginning, we have a long way to go,

but I’m not the least afraid, cause you have my back and I yours.

And if by chance you’ll wonder, if somehow you’re being a bother,

Erase that thought for I love you forever, my ever dear brother.


2 comments on “A Nod to My Resting Place

  1. missienelly says:

    Oh wow, what a beautiful poem for your ahjusshi bro! I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with my brother too! WE are exactly as how you have it written… ^^

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