She wandered fearlessly through the night,

uncaring of the steepness of the path.

Gazing occasionally to the moon above,

clearly captivated by the sight.

Indeed, such a wondrous sight to behold,

the light coming from the moon.

Never its own, mere reflection from stars

yet it glows marvelously and more.

Yes, the moonlight, dreamy moonlight,

simple thoughts making her smile.

The night shrouded in moonlight,

along with a million stars.

Under this same moonlight,

in a path not so steep,

she was given a solemn promise,

and the moonlight was their witness.

“Don’t grieve on my absence,

I’ll return and be always with you.

Wait for me under the moonlight,

as it glows marvelously and more.”

It is at last that night for his promise to be kept,

that he’ll return and be always with her.

Thus fearlessly she wanders through the night,

on to that not so steep path guided by the moonlight.


3 comments on “Moonlight

  1. marcus says:

    beautiful poem…entrancing moonlight glow…howling at the moon

    • Erl says:

      thanks. well I’ve been spending more of my night time on the balcony lately, it sunk in I guess.

      • marcus says:

        funny thing about balconies…mine is on the west coast of BC, the moon stares at me when it’s out, tonight it’s wanning but the sky is clear and the stars are twinkling.
        Your side of the moon inspired you beautifully. Looking forward to more of your words.

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