[As I Quote Tuesday] On Being Done With Love

“I am done with being loved, I’m done with loving. It’s too painful. – Edward Tulane, Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

It seems that watching Korean Dramas doesn’t just influence me to learn more about Korean culture, it makes me read books now too and I had no idea my curiosity could lead to a good find, surprisingly. So, the book that I read and what gave me the idea to read it? Hmmm.

I’ve been watching My Love From Another Star, it’s one of the three currently airing dramas that I am up to date with, the other two being The Prime Minister and I and I Need Romance 3. The lead character has this book that he always read and it’s about a rabbit made out of china. Now that book, has been ever present in that drama that I told myself: “I have to read that book, I’m dying to” and luckily, I got my hands on a copy one day and I’m glad I did. I got plenty of quotes from this book, heartfelt and heart tugging quotes.

I think at some point in my life I said the same thing that poor rabbit Edward Tulane has said: I’m done with being loved, I’m done with loving. It’s too painful and yes, love is definitely painful and that pain is the deciding factor to call it all off, to be done with it altogether. And pain aside, there’s also all the effort that you’ve put through that’s all for naught. Not to mention the time you spent with the person, and the list goes on. After mentioning everything, I realized I can’t really play for the other side, the side that believes that it’s all part of it. Why? Because I’m not that optimistic and I am still on that point that I don’t really want to welcome anything anymore because I don’t want my heart to break; yet I know, it shouldn’t be so. I shouldn’t be on that shelf all broody and grumpy like that rabbit made out of china. It shouldn’t be the case because as long as we breathe, there’s hope, as long as there is another day; things can turn out for the best. As I always believed, the best is always yet to come; I think I should start to apply it in the “love” field too.

I know it takes too much to overcome that emotion that urge for an emotion shutdown; it takes a whole lot of courage not to drown in anger and self pity. It takes a great effort to be optimistic enough to think that you’ll be able to love again and in this case too, the book has an answer: “open your heart, someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first, you have to open your heart.”


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