[That Tune on a Monday] Dolphin

I’m currently watching I Hear Your Voice and is enjoying it immensely; why didn’t I watched it before? As always, I have a song stuck in my head since watching the drama because Korean Dramas mostly or always have awesome, rocking soundtrack. That’s a must as I have observed, it’s not an add on; it’s part of the package.

The song is very catchy and simple that I didn’t just find myself singing to it, am also swaying with it. Now, since I am sold with the melody and all, because I am me who needs to know the gist of what I am listening to, I searched the web for an English translation. I found one and I’m not completely sold with it and I didn’t want to go all Google Translate so let it be. I do somewhat get some of the lyrics based on the Romanization:

You, oh you! neoreul chajeul su itge

[You, oh you! I want to find you (?)]

You, oh you! neoreul jikigo sipeo

[You, oh you! I want to protect you (?)]

The italic lines in pink font is my somehow translation. I should really take studying seriously.

Either way, the song is groovy so I don’t care and it’s not like I can shake it out of my head at this point. It’s come, come, coming a coming around to me.

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