An Unexpected Milestone

100 posts, yes, that’s right, you’re eyes are not playing with you; that’s what I was telling myself after seeing the WordPress notification. One. Hundred. Posts. I still can’t believe I posted that much, did I really? How? Seriously, I can’t help but smile.

In all honesty, I didn’t think I’d be posting regularly or this much. I’ve created blog after blog and my willingness to write last only a few weeks and then I’d disappear altogether leaving the blog all hollow and empty, yup, I’m all lazy like that. And no, I won’t say I don’t feel any laziness nowadays because I do, I fail to post what I want to post sometimes like before, the only difference is I feel guilty knowing  I didn’t write anything on those days that I said I would. Bizarre right; where did that came from? I dunno either. Or maybe I know but I didn’t think it would be such a great motivation. I owe it all to being a former agent.

Another unexpected thing is that I am actually having fun blogging, which I didn’t quite experience before, well maybe because I didn’t really write anything much in my previous blogs or something, whatever. I really don’t have any idea as to why but I am finding it fun and I think the fact that I didn’t expect it just adds so much more to that joy. Somehow when these thoughts crosses my mind I’d think my wish to preserve what I have learned while working as a call center agent took me such a long way without me knowing or realizing it.

Ultimately, I got to reconnect with the old me, the aspiring poet in me which I also think as an achievement because I thought I’ve lost that side in me through the years and I’m thankful that it’s still there, and it is now out in the open again. And somehow, sometimes, I feel like I’m the old me again, finding poetry in everything happening around me, from the flying birds that I see to the flowing water.

It’s not just writing too, it’s designing as well. Who would have thought that I’d be into photo editing at this age and really enjoy it? True I love taking photos but before being hooked with blogging, I never designed anything at all and it’s quite a revelation for me that I have it in me to design something; it’s amazing and extremely interesting.

So yes, one hundred post; in almost 4 amazing yet not so perfect months. I am not promising that I’ll be posting a hundred more, but one thing I know is I won’t be stopping anytime soon;  because I’m rather like a gambler, sort of winning and somehow can’t get to stop.


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