A Tale of Saving a Fish

Once there was a lonely fried fish, accompanied by other fellow leftovers. They were all helpless, goners who are just waiting for the time to go to the trash because it’s been 2 days since somebody spared them a glance and they’ve been waiting in the fridge the whole time but alas, no one picked them up. Until one day, they were taken out of the fridge to thaw:

They were minced as fine as they can be and was then joined by them (spring onion and red pepper):

They were also tossed in some flour (around three to four tablespoonfuls of it) with dashes of salt and were folded in an egg for them to stick together. They were shaped with two spoons to resemble a small ball (well at least almost to that effect) and deep fried for five to 10 minutes or so that is until they’re golden brown.

Aren’t they gorgeous? It doesn’t resemble their true forms but they aren’t neglected anymore. They were eaten ever after. The End.


2 comments on “A Tale of Saving a Fish

  1. marcus says:

    This is great. And they look delicious.
    Thank you for sharing

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