Morning View

(Or my way of saying it’s a rainy morning)

I woke up late today; I abused the snooze button as much as I can and before I knew it, it’s already 8 AM something. Thankfully there’s just two of us at home right now so I finished preparing for work on time. It also helps that there’s nothing to distract me from preparing because the internet service of our house is currently interrupted (I am leeching on the office internet, nope am not so proud) so nothing is to slow me down, well except this:


I realized why it was so hard to wake up; it’s one of those days that you just want to stay in bed and it is sort of justifiable because of the weather condition (it’s raining). Who can resist the irresistible bed weather? I did, because I have to work but I think it’s going to be bed weather all day today so I think it’s going to be just fine. I’ll keep looking at this to motivate me:


And because I really feel like setting the mood (my obnoxious way of saying I love torturing myself) I’ve been listening to this:

Inspired right? I love my bed, and my non breathing cuddle buddies.


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