A Review of the Year End Kind

Wow, will you look at that; another year is coming to its end; another year passed by almost unnoticed. It still feels like it was just yesterday when I celebrated the New Year’s Eve with friends, near friends, somewhat friends, either way, it really dawns on me that this year is almost at its end because that New Year’s Eve is all in the past now.

This year is the year of the unexpected, the year of finding my old self or the year that my old self woke up from its coma. 😀 I had to admit I didn’t think it’s possible to have this drive, energy and interest again because after all, I’ve aged (not so gracefully) so it still comes as a surprise that I’m holding my ground somewhat; it’s true that it’s never too late.

Right, so 2013, what happened in 2013? It’s a series of events, some fortunate some unfortunate which is why I am classifying 2013 into three (3) the good, the bad and the half baked:

The Good:

~ I started to write poems again, like I do a very long time ago and I have to admit I thought I won’t have that feeling anymore, the anxiousness to wake up in the middle of the night just to write down the lines forming in my head so it won’t slip away, it’s awesome. I missed those urges, it makes me feel like I’m my old self again.

~ I started to cook/learn Korean dishes and surprised that I still have that passion for cooking, who would have thought I’ll fall in love with the kitchen this hard the 2nd time around.

~ I started blogging again and is doing my earnest to continue for my own good. This is the therapy that I need, a way to let go and organize all the things that are swirling in my scattered brain. And it’s a means for me to remember, cause I am not getting any younger and things are somehow slipping from my mind sometimes so I wish to keep a record that I can access anytime I want, anywhere.

~ I fell in love with Korean Dramas and Movies and everything will never be the same ever again. Though I must admit it’s kind of awkward for me to call myself a fangirl at this age but what the heck? To each her own.

~ I got a new job description, although it is pretty much an additional workload and a still under negotiation increase, it’s a change.

~ I accepted that it is time to stop running after something that is not worth it, I finally woke up from the my illusion, I’m facing reality now.

~ I got to see Anne Gelene after 3 long years, and I have to say her stay at my place was too short! We didn’t get to have a Korean Drama marathon as planned. I hope she gets to visit again this coming year.

~ Finally had the guts to dye my hair. (Sorry mother, I really wanted to do this since I can’t remember when.)

The Bad:

~ Lost friendship, well it’s more on I realized who is true to me, not that I do not have any faults about that.

~ Ended relationship for good.

~ Work mishaps, and it cost me something, well more than something.

~ My blackberry decided to breakdown for good.

~ My laptop is at the brink of breaking down too.

The Half Baked:

~ Still struggling to quit smoking, half way there, I’m going to stop, I’m claiming it.

~ In the process of considering writing a story, I will once I stop overthinking.

~ Trying to learn Korean, I know the letters already, I just need to push some more.

That was what year 2013 brought to me, I’m almost ready to put it behind and take on 2014 head on. Looking forward to another year, another beginning, another chapter of my existence.


2 comments on “A Review of the Year End Kind

  1. utalap says:

    The same is true for me for The Good bullets 1&3! I’m so glad that inspiration is leading me to find words for poetry again.

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