What to Value

“Was I not enough? Even though it was just the two of us, I was okay with just you. Better than having ten or a hundred other friends, I was perfectly happy with just you. – Go Dok-mi, Flower Boy Next Door”

I’ve placed value on quality over quantity pretty early in my life. I never really cared that much if I had more as long as I have what I deserve, well except for coffee, that’s a different story, I can never have enough of coffee and that’s completely irrelevant.

I was touched (I mean completely and unutterably) by this line from Flower Boy Next Door, and the way that it was delivered, I cried with Go Dok-mi (played by Park Shin-hye,) she broke my heart. That’s precisely how I look at friendship now, after a few grave mistakes that I learned a lot from, I realized more than what I already know, that quality is indeed more valuable than quantity.

There was a time that I was trying so hard to have friends, like tried really hard and looking back now, I laugh at myself. Why the effort? Why the extra mile? Thinking about it now, I see how laughable I was for trying so hard to fit in a surrounding that was not ready for a different person like me. Thankfully I woke up before I ruined myself and I accepted the fact that I will always be different and it is absolutely fine.

After that time of struggling to belong, as I grew older and mingled with people, I met those very few people that stayed and became part of my life as my friends, a rare few. Rare because I’ve established that I’m different, the things I like, what I do, what I’m into, let’s say I kind of violate the norm. And I will be forever grateful to those rare few for staying, for understanding and putting up with a nutcase like me. They are enough, in actuality they are more than enough and I am perfectly happy with just those rare few.

Now if you’re willing to put up with the same thing that they are putting up with, you’re welcome and I’ll gladly call you a friend and believe me, I may be a nutcase, but I know how to value people, the same way those rare few values me.


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