That Craving

Ever since I became hooked with Korean Dramas, I wanted so much to try Korean Ramyun (specifically Shin Ramyun) the problem is it’s difficult to get my hands on it because of my location. I searched online and found a store located here but they only do online transaction. It would have been fine but the registration is too complex and leaves me scratching my head with hair pulling and honestly is it worth the trouble? In the end I decided fine, I’ll just have to be patient. I plan to take my vacation next year, that means going home to my country and that means it’s easier to look for Korean food (I love how diverse the stores and restaurants in the Philippines are.) For now though, whenever I get that craving, I make do with this:


at least they have this..

And because I love colors in my food more than in my clothes I include these:


clockwise: zucchini, capsicum, carrots, chicken sausages.


this is an important ingredient, spring onion..

They say this is good for your body, I say it tastes awesome:



It looks something like this after a few minutes:


Shin Ramyun substitute

Served hot:


that’s a bowmug- a bowl and a mug fusion.

Craving satisfied somewhat and it fits the cold weather. Too bad I forgot to buy some soju; well there’s always a next time.


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