Living for Today

 “Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today. – Emma, One Day

This is one of the lines from the movie that I’ll never forget. And I can definitely relate to how Emma feels that time. I would have done the same, that could be the last day that you’re going to see the guy so take what the day gives, all of it, let’s not leave any room for misery and regret.

More than what I have mentioned it’s a reminder for me to stop dreading so much, focus on the now, on today. Why? Normally I really don’t get things done because I get swallowed whole by anxiety, it’s an inner battle that I don’t have any idea how to overcome and end. I lack the self confidence to finish anything and I doubt myself to the roof that I can do it, in short, I waste a day, my today with series of never ending questions that just brings me down more than cheering me up that leads me not to finish anything; which makes a day highly insignificant, regretful and wasted. If only I could just go with it, live for the moment then I could proudly say that I had today and it was awesome, I could care less about tomorrow. Sadly, I couldn’t muster that yet. Where can one buy some Essence of Confidence? How about a vial of Drought of Self-Doubt? I wish it’s available at a pharmacy nearby, well I’ll never know.

For now I’ve included this line to my mantras, hoping it’s going to help me in times when I’m wasting time over-thinking; a reminder of how precious today and to make sure not to waste it.


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