A Not So Typical Start of a Typical Off Day

Most of my off days are spent in bed; with me being comfortably wrapped in my not so thick blanket, cuddling my pink pig stuff toy while watching Korean Dramas from my laptop, that’s typical. Another typical thing for a month now is that I would wake up really early so as to watch the Korean Drama that I’m keeping track of. This off day was different.

I woke up really late, at least late as per my standard of late that is and I was hungry, maybe because I didn’t had dinner the night before. So I drag my lazy, half asleep self in the kitchen to search for something to eat and found this:


Saved by the left over.

This made me happy, and in my head I have decided that I am just going to fry an egg or two and then some ketchup and I’m good to go, instant satisfaction for the stomach, at least that’s what I was thinking before I opened the fridge.

Inside the fridge I found some peppers: green, orange and yellow. Colors! That very minute my hunger was set aside, I took the peppers out and they ended up like this:


Joined by their buddies, onion and spring onion!

I also spied on a container containing this and said what the heck, you should go too:


Homemade kimchee.

At this point you might have deduced that my menu has changed from a simple fried eggs and rice to fried rice with eggs, and that the rice is all about veggies; not really. I originally wanted to add beef but since one of my roommates doesn’t eat beef, I ended up using what I have on hand:


Ready to fry chicken burger patties.

15 to 20 minutes later and voila:


The product of my fickle mindedness.

The fried eggs didn’t really happen because my roommate prepared this:


That’s with eggs anyways.

It’s an interesting concoction too but I’ll tell you all about it next time, it’s an entirely different story. After the meal things were back to normal, by that I mean the typical routine on an off day and I’m all good with that too though I have to admit I enjoyed the not so typical start and maybe I’ll have a repeat next week.


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