[Day 29] I’m Super! (If you could have one super power, what would it be?)

When I was younger and so much into those Japanese Super Sentai shows, I always wanted to have super powers. We were fascinated big time, by we I mean my brothers and I and we would play make-believe games pretending we are the heroes of the Super Sentai shows that we are watching. Oh by Super Sentai I mean those series by the Toei Company of Japan: Bioman, Flashman, Maskman, Turboranger and so on. And of course other than that we watched Batman, Spiderman, Superman and those addictive animes. Those were the days.

The challenge/question today is if I could have one super power, what would it be. The keyword is one, why does it have to be just one? I want more (am so greedy, heh) much more. Well since the offer is just one I would have to make do (I talk like it’s really going to happen, LOL!) Right, so super power, which one is cool?

If I am to have a super power then it’s going to be the power to read minds. 😀 Sure it has it’s downside but how cool would it be to know what people thinks. It’s like reading a thousand book all at once, and I love reading books. It’s also handy because if you can read someone’s mind, say example a dear friend who doesn’t want you to know that they are in pain, having trouble or something, you’ll be able to act appropriately and do more, give more. It can also helps develop my personality for the better because I’ll be way more perceptive than I already am.

That’s the super power that I want to have, how about you?


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