[Day 28] Winner! (If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?)

I think the challenge today lack some details, making it a bit difficult to give a direct answer. What’s the amount? LOL! Kinda reminds me of that scene in Queen In Hyun’s Man when Boong-do was asking Soo-kyung for some help/idea regarding what Hee-jin needs/wants the most. What’s the budget is her question of course while mine is something like how much is the prize?

The challenge/question is if I won the lottery, what would I do with the money, no specific prize, just a mention of winning the lottery. What if it was just 2nd or 3rd place that’s also considered winning the lottery right? Didn’t really thought it through did they? 😀  Well enough of me being all philosophical or whatnot, here’s what I’m going to do with the money if ever I won the lottery in order:

1. Buy my own house and lot – that’s the first thing that I’m gonna spend the money on. Nothing extravagant; but it has to be two bedrooms with balcony and toilet and bath, good kitchen area, mini bar, library and living room.

2. Donate to charity – specifically the orphanage near our family’s house in the Philippines.

3. Emergency fund for loved ones – I’m going to keep aside some amount to support my brother’s last year in college as well as expenses of my parents.

4. Go to places – please refer here to know where.

5. Put up my own business – something that has to do with food and computers. Food because my roommate said that I am a good cook and because I’m confident it’s going to be a hit; computers because I love everything about computers, the things you can do is endless.

That’s the gist of what I’m going to do with the money if say I do win the lottery, I just hope the winnings is enough for me to be able to do each and everything that I listed.


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