[Day 25] Am I an Achiever? (What are some of your greatest accomplishments?)

My reaction to the challenge today can be described with one word: WOW, (not on the positive though) yet I do not have any idea how to clarify, I am lost for words. Seriously, I never think of what I have accomplished great, not to that extent. They are accomplishments yes but it is mostly ordinary, not even several steps near great.

Thus, with that said, I am just going to list some of my unforgettable accomplishments instead of my greatest which is the challenge today. My unforgettable accomplishments are as follows:

~ I received a Best in Computer Award – i received it on my High School graduation. It’s unforgettable because I was a transfer student and the school that I came from didn’t have a computer facility and as early as elementary grade they (my classmates) have been taught about computer uses, hardware and software. Imagine my surprise; well I still can’t believe it until now.

~ I got to experience working in a Call Center – are you wondering why this is an unforgettable accomplishment? Well, when I graduated from college, the Call Center industry boomed in the Philippines. I remember I even had a roommate that was working at Accenture, and that time I badly wanted to experience the life of a call center agent. I was so curious what it was like, why are there so many of my classmates back then that works as agents, what’s the difference with working on a graveyard shift and normal shift. So I did my best to get that job, went on interviews after the other and I kind of got accepted to one but I couldn’t pursue it, even if I wanted to because I had to go abroad to the UAE to be exact and that is when I gave up on being a call center agent not knowing that I’ll be experiencing it after five (5) years.

After the experience all I got to say is that it was fun. Talking to strangers over the phone is fun, I enjoyed it and if the pay was not so bad, I would have stayed longer.

~ I got to go to five (5) different countries although one of them is just inside the airport that counts still.

~I got to have good friends, even if they’re only a few. Now you may think that that is not an accomplishment but to me, it is and will always be because I know how difficult of a person I am, I’m very difficult to understand and get used to. And having those few friends who stuck with me despite of everything is an accomplishment, priceless and unforgettable.

Those are my accomplishments, they’re not great but they’re unforgettable.


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