[Day 24] What’s in a Name? (What’s the meaning behind your blog name?)

I can’t believe I’m getting this question asked in this challenge, bizarre. I didn’t think it would be asked ever, because my blog name is pretty spot on, it’s not mysterious. Since it’s asked let’s deliver. Once I nail this day down, there would be just six days left, and I’m eager to wrap this up.The challenge/question: what’s the meaning behind your blog name and as I said, my blog name is pretty spot on, at least my blog name now.

When I decided I wanted to blog again, I just jumped into it, without even really thinking of what the blog would be about. I just wanted to write again mainly because I wanted to preserve my recently saved grammar (I worked as a call center agent in the Philippines for almost a year and the accounts I was assigned is both US based) before it’s too late, before I lose it again because of the rarity of use.

Back then, I wanted the name “A Beautiful Mess” inspired by the song A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz, sadly that blog name has been taken a very long time ago so I sort of modified it a bit to “a not so beautiful mess.” Everything started there. As I write one post after the other I started to think and see the lack of connection between the name and the content which got me to the decision of changing the blog name and this time around I was thinking clearly and I realized I am never going to be able to write about just a single topic for a very long time. My interest varies; I’m sort of a Jane of all trades, master of none; in short it’s anything goes with me, no particular theme, no particular focus, just a huge collage of things that I am interested in.

After marinating that thought for almost an hour, I decided to chose the blog name “a mix of anything and everything” basing on the fact that I write about the different things that I am into: food, TV shows (Korean Dramas,) music, poetry, and any other random stuff that present itself to my ever scattered brain. As the name says, it’s a mix of anything and everything, it’s about me, my interest, what inspires me, the things I love to do and more.

And that is the meaning behind my blog name. How about you, what’s the meaning behind your blog name?


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