It’s All About the Night

With all honesty, I declare that I love the night time more than morning. Not just because I love to sleep, that’s not it and not because of these:

k collage

These take up most of my nights, but you have an idea of course.

I love the night time because I get to see these:


That magnificent vivid colors, breath taking!


Display of twinkling lights, lovely colors!


We were bored, we went for a drive!


Nope, there’s no pirates here!

water light

The lights look dazzling through the water..

And do these:


This is a pick me up.


Nothing spells relax better than some good food and alcohol.

And of course it’s always welcoming to know that after a crappy day at work, there’s plenty of things to look forward to. So yes, I love the night time, the night life. I don’t just get to boogie or something like that, I get to enjoy, live and breathe.


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