[Days 20 & 21]Strengths Vs. Weaknesses (Describe 5 strengths you have. Describe 5 weaknesses you have.)

I decided to put together these two challenges because it’s fitting; a human being is composed of strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not, I think that would be a problem as per my opinion.

The challenges for days 20 & 21 are to describe 5 strengths and weaknesses that I have, in that order. Five (5) each, that’s not too much for the weaknesses at least, I can’t really think of my strengths correctly but here is the list of my strength and weaknesses:

Five (5) Strengths

1. I love to learn – for me, knowledge is infinite and age shouldn’t stop you to move forward, it’s always fun to learn new things, to be exposed to things out of your norm. The world is for us to explore and to learn from.

2. I listen, more than I speak – it’s a strength that comes really handy whenever my friends has some problem, the ability to listen and weigh the situation plus not to make any judgment.

3. My being protective – especially with my family and close friends. They can lean on me, I’m just here.

4.My being observant – it’s better to asses the situation first before you make a jump into things or something.

5. My being somewhat patient – although not that much, I could be very patient if needs be.

Five (5) Weaknesses

1. I can be too proud at times – it’s a weakness because nothing good comes out with being overly proud and I know that but it’s something that can’t be helped at times.

2. I’m too emotional – I wear it in my sleeves, making me too easy to read.

3. I’m always curious – and curiosity killed the cat.

4. I’m a bit paranoid – I can be really assumptive that people are talking nasty about me, it was worst when I was younger, but now, I shake it off as much as I can.

5. I have this inferiority complex – self-doubt is the worst thing that I have, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get rid of it.

So there you go, I kinda bear myself here. I’m going to hide in my closet for a few moments. How about you, what’s your strength and weaknesses?


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