[Day 17] Out of Habit, a Hobby! (List 3 hobbies you enjoy.)

The challenge today is to list 3 hobbies that I enjoy and the first question that came to mind is “does sleeping counts?” Bizarre right, well I am nuts plus I’m in a pissed off mood when I read the challenge so there you go.

A few deep breaths later, I re-read the question and with my head somewhat clear, I came up with my hobby list below in order:

1. Cooking – it’s more of a necessity, not just a hobby. Whenever I’m in the crappiest mood ever or if everything around me is going wrong, I cook. When everything else, all the attempt to cheer me up after a very bad day fails, I cook. Cooking helps me calm down, I don’t exactly know how and why but it does make me forget everything that’s bothering or bothered me.

2. Singing – It’s something that I started doing when I was three (3) years old. I can still remember how my dad would make me stand on top of our table and I would sing Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Also, it’s not just a hobby; I think it’s the Filipino in me. We love to sing, that’s a fact.

3. Reading & Writing – for me it goes together.  After I read, I write or after I write, I read although I learned to do the latter first. I learned how to write when I turned three, of course it’s the basic long lines and then circle and my mother is my teacher. I think I took writing seriously when I turned nine if I remember it correctly; it was around that time when I had the guts to express what I feel in writing, at first it was just the normal essays and prose until I channeled it to poetry.

I started serious reading when I turned 8, that book was the Bible. I stuck to it mostly because of my being stubborn even at that early age. I remember my grandfather would throw his slippers at me whenever he sees me reading the Bible, at some point he beat me too, but I continued reading and I never stopped. Reading is a means of escape from the real world, even for a very short time. It gives you that knowledge that crap could happen to anybody and that things are meant to be better in the end because how much worst can it be right? It also gives you never ending information, whatever it is that you want to know. To me reading is addictive like coffee, because the more I read, the more I crave to read some more.

My hobbies that didn’t made the top 3:

* Blogging

* Dancing

* Audiophile

* Videophile

* Star Gazing

Not so interesting right? Well, those are my hobbies. What about you, what’s your hobby?


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