[Day 15] I’m a Fan; This is My Fiction (If you could write a fan fiction story based on an existing movie/book/TV show what would you choose?)

Interesting, very interesting; today’s challenge is actually something that I have been brewing and cultivating in my ever scattered brain and if I just have enough courage in me to pursue it, I would have, but sadly, I’m lacking in the courage department so I’ll just let it lurk and swirl in my head.

So, the challenge, if I could write a fan fiction either movie/book/TV show it is definitely going to be Faith or The Great Doctor. Why? Because as per my opinion, there’s plenty of things that could be developed and improved in that TV show/Korean Drama and there are some scenes that I still can’t get over with, that is still haunting me somehow because I just can’t believe it was executed that way when it could have been another. True there are plenty of things that I liked about it; okay scratch that, I love that Lee Min-ho played the role of Choi Young, for obvious reasons. I like the costumes and the soundtrack (I’m not embarrassed to say that I wake up every morning to the sound of I Am a Woodalchi, Great Big Choi Young.) I almost fell for the special effects as well as the concept of time travelling thru a cave like opening among the rocks (this is the first time travel themed Korean Drama that I ever watched,) and of course I admit to liking the display of cutie warriors. There are plenty of things that I absolutely adore and like, but there are things that I really didn’t get or refuse to get (I am putting my foot down on this one, no excuses, take no prisoner!)

If ever that I do write the said fan fiction, I am definitely going to do something about the ending, and I’m going to start from there. I won’t just let General Choi Young and Eun-soo stare at each other for the love of everything that’s holy! I mean she ran all the way already why not give a tight hug if a kiss is not possible (the actress is married so maybe there’s a clause in her contract that has to do with no kissing or something.) Just thinking about that scene gets me so worked up, and I still feel like I’ve been left hanging on that massive tree waiting for something that’s not going to happen.

Nevertheless, wait until I get that courage, I would write that fan fiction. How about you, if you could write a fan fiction story based on an existing movie/book/TV show what would you choose?


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