[Day 12] Not a Heavy Load (What item do you consistently carry on you at all times?)

The challenge for today is a no brainer, mostly because I hate carrying stuff with me; I always keep it to a minimum, I’m practical that way or just lazy. Yep, it’s the latter, I’m extremely lazy. But enough stressing about my lazy self, let me tell you about this item that I couldn’t do without that I carry it around with me no matter what.

Alright, so this item that I always carry with me at all times is my handy dandy, not so user friendly, uber smart and almost reliable iPhone. Why the description? Well it’s handy dandy because of the obvious that it fits these small hands of mine perfectly although sometimes I wish the screen could be bigger you know, for those times that I watch videos or play games. It’s uber smart because it corrects everything that I type in my native language and turn it into something laughable, beyond expectation and no matter how ridiculous the context gets, I refuse to turn the autocorrect off because what will I blame afterwards if I made a spelling mistake or something? It’s almost reliable because Siri do give you information and thanks to OS7 Siri now sounds almost human but still can’t tell you store locations in United Arab Emirates. And honestly, the list goes on but hey, beggars can’t be choosers (it’s not registered under my name; it’s under my best friend’s name.)

Now that the description has been clarified, let me say why I can’t do without my iPhone:

*Without it I won’t be able to attend to my boss’ call or the clients sometimes as well as the marketing people.

*Without it I won’t be able to chat/talk to my family or my closest friends.

*I won’t be able to keep track of what’s new with the K Drama world or cook fabulous dishes from Korean to Western

*I won’t have background music while I take those long lazy showers during my off days (I love having a concert in the washroom!)

*Last but not the least, without it I do not have a watch. (hehe)

There you have it, the item I can’t do without, that I have to carry with me at all times. How about you, what item do you consistently carry on you at all times?)


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