[Day 10] Under the Influence (Name some people who have influenced you throughout your life)

Where to start, where to start? There are plenty of people who have influenced me throughout my 30 years of so far existence but I don’t know where to start, I repeat, I do not know where to start; probably because I am afraid this would go on over and over and over and it’s gonna turn into a sort of litany and I have so many things I want to write, if only I could focus on a subject. *taking a deep breath* Right, let me list the names of the people who have influenced me, alive or dead, in no particular order:

* My father and I have my mother to back me up. I remember when I was younger (it applies until now) whenever I do something silly or beyond her norm, she would always say, and I mean ALWAYS that I took after my father. Well, somehow it is true. There’s plenty of my father in me than my mother, my being stubborn and insistent is definitely from my father, and so is my being extra observant and my love for old, classical music. My father encouraged me to do the things that I want to do, he taught me about independence more than anyone else, with his self as an example. And to this day, I treasure those lessons.

* William Shakespeare. What more can I say, I was enchanted by his tragedies. I realized that I really wanted to write because of him, and someday, I will write my own tragedy, that tragedy that won’t just make you weep but would also be forever engraved in your heart.

*Dianne Dela Torre. She probably won’t remember me now since it’s been ages since I last saw her but she encouraged me to blog and to write.

*Ate Grace Perez, my rock, my resting place. Whenever I feel like everything is going in the wrong direction, she’s there to remind me to halt, take a deep breath, rethink then move forward.

They are my influences, who has helped shaped me. How about you, can you name some people who have influenced you throughout your life?


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