[Day 9] Great, That’s Great! (What is one thing you wish you could be great at?)

I must admit this day’s challenge took some time to actually sink into my mind. I could make up a short list as to why as well as plenty of excuses but I won’t. I’m going to be completely honest; to me, great is a huge word and I rarely us it to pertain to myself, I always settle for good. Still since it is part of the challenge, I can’t just skip right? Here goes nothing:

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar; I bought myself one, twice. The first time was when I was younger and didn’t know any better (I was 18 at that time) and the second time was a few years back, I think I still don’t know any better but still, I was 10 years older that time so I believed somehow I do know better. Sadly, both guitar was sold, the first without my knowledge and I accept that it’s all my fault, because what the heck was I thinking leaving it in the province while I was away to study in the city, under the care of my room that doesn’t lock with my mother lurking about who hates anything that might distract me from what she deems important (e. g. house chores, studying, more house chores.) That was an idiotic thing to do, I figured that out at least two weeks later, after reaching home and finding that my midnight blue turtle back guitar is alas, sold to a friendly neighborhood studying to be a catechist girl. Do you find it weird that I even traced who the buyer was? I hope not.

Now the second guitar, which is a blue green acoustic, I was fully aware and I actually asked a then friend to sell it for me because I am short on money. I made a wrong move career wise which prompted to me having to leave United Arab Emirates and go home to the Philippines (I ended up staying for a year before I was able to get back.) I asked for that favor before I boarded the plane; three months later the sale transaction was confirmed but the money was not sent. And is still not sent until now, and I’ve been back for a year already. Isn’t it tragic?

The most tragic thing is I never really learned how to play; well I did learn the basic chords and how to play Leaving on a Jet Plane but otherwise, it’s a fail, an epic one, which again, I can make up a lot of excuses for but I would just settle with “it is a terrible idea for me (a left-handed person) to learn how to play the guitar with a blue colored right-handed one.”

That being said brings me to my answer to today’s challenge. If I could wish to be great at something that would be at playing the guitar not just because it’s a cool instrument or something, no; it’s more on I find the melody from the guitar appealing than other musical instruments. Also maybe because of the fact that I am from the Philippines, where traditionally, a guy courts the girl she likes with a serenade (Harana) accompanied by mostly a guitar.

Maybe you’re curious if I’ll ever buy a guitar again, the answer is yes I will, but not a blue one and especially not right-handed. How about you, what is one thing you wish you could be great at?


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