[Day 8] The Tube Fuels My Addiction (Name any television show you’re addicted to)

Err, I have a confession to make: we do not have a television at home. Come to think of it, it’s been a year since I watched something on an actual television, which only means that my laptop has been working diligently to entertain me, I should be more patient with it (it took me that long to realize that I’m an abusive user, go figure!)

The lack of television didn’t really have any impact at my current home, my roommates and I all have our own laptops, and we all watch TV shows online which is convenient because we do not watch the same shows, plus if it is on an actual TV, there would be a huge problem because of the time-slot (irregular shifts people, irregular, odd shifts) and that is why not having a TV is fine (having no Internet connection is worst!)

Today’s challenge is to name a show that I am addicted to, which made me think, which one of them? I am sort of easily hooked on TV shows, well mostly TV series from TrueBlood to Winx Club. I can imagine some of you wrinkling their foreheads or raising an eyebrow. Yep, huge gap but hey, I think I have more than 10 persons in me what with my mood swinging from left to right; my mom addressed this as the “frustrated writer syndrome.” Her sense of humor is not bad sometimes.

So, TV shows, hmmm. I don’t know about TV shows but I am currently hooked with Korean Drama series. That’s what I have been watching lately and I like most of them (I mean it) so I guess I would just have to name which one I am currently watching (more on obsessing about that is.)

I am currently addicted obsessed with The Heirs/The Inheritors or One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstands the Weight – The Heirs (I dunno about you but I think this has got to be one of the longest title ever!) It’s a good drama, wait scratch that, it is an almost good drama, let’s say it’s average on my standard but why am I obsessed to the point that I would wake up very early on my off day just to watch it first thing in the morning? A very few friends know the answer: because of Lee Min-ho. Yep, I’m finally letting it out in the open, I’m a Lee Min-ho fangirl (slight) and yes I watched all of his TV series. Why? He’s a very good actor; he’s the only actor I know that can act with his eyes, ah those eyes, I’ll happily drown in those eyes! I read a comment I think it was at Dramabeans’ or maybe at Joonni’s (these are my favorite Korean drama recap/review sites) if he was an American actor he should insure his eyes like some American celebrities (e. g. Jennifer Lopez’ butt) and I definitely agree.

Back to the series, as I said, it is average on my standard because there were parts that are really dragging, and some characters are really giving me a hard time, to quote girlfriday, it’s making me bipolar. And some scenes frustrates the daylight out of me although if you try to justify and read between the lines it’s acceptable but still, can we get it simplified?

Thankfully it picked up its phase last week and ended with a scene that practically broke my heart, made me cry and turned me into a puddle of mush mainly because Lee Min-ho was crying (why are they making Lee Min-ho cry?) I assume the next episode is going to be a good one, or I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But in case it’s not, I’ll still get to watch Lee Min-ho so whatever!


Lee Min-ho as City Hunter

That is my latest addiction obsession. How about you, what’s the television show that you’re addicted to?


7 comments on “[Day 8] The Tube Fuels My Addiction (Name any television show you’re addicted to)

  1. matthewexeter says:

    I have no tv, internet or radio. it turns to utopia after a while, well a little. its a tough journey through the stir crazy though

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