[Day 5] Make My Day (Describe Your Typical Day in Your Current Life)

The first thing that came to mind when I read this challenge is, ah, my day, my oh so monotonous day. It comes quickly and ends before I know it. It’s always the same; short very short, spent absentmindedly until I realize there’s important things I have to do, by that time it’s too late. Here’s what my typical day is like (let me list it, I love list):

  • I wake up at around 7:50AM almost everyday. My alarm is set at 7:40 AM but yes, I am guilty of abusing the snooze button, I’m not gonna deny. I think the first words in my head every morning is “five more minutes” but it always end up being more than that.
  • 7:55AM to 8:15AM – my allotted shower time, though sometimes I take longer than that only because it is nice to think under warm sprinkling water.
  • 8:16AM to 8:40AM – I change to work clothes, fix my hair (blow-dry and straighten,) and put a bit of makeup (if I’m in the mood.)
  • 8:41AM until at most 9:15AM – drink my first cup of coffee and wait for the company car to pick me up.
  • Around 9:16AM until 2:00PM – work starts, drink my second cup of coffee, read/send a bunch of emails, call a bunch of people (clients,) file some documents. (In between what is listed, I do check my personal mails too, read recaps/reviews of Korean dramas, listen to some songs, chat with some online friend; sorry, this girl gets bored too.)
  • 2:00PM to 3:00PM – Lunch break.
  • 3:00PM to 6:00PM – second half of work; basically do the same thing, have my third cup of coffee, if there’s a dispatch then prepare Delivery Note and Packing List.
  • Around 6:15PM onwards (maximum 1:00AM) – Reach home or if I do not have the ingredients for what I want to eat for lunch the next day I’ll be at the hypermarket, grocery shopping. Now the first thing I do the moment I reach home is go to the kitchen to leave my lunch box/es and then drink water. I’ll then go to the room, change into comfy clothes, turn my laptop on, wash my lunch box/es, and then prepare my lunch for the next day. If I’m hungry I’ll have a bite but mostly, I don’t. Once my lunch is prepared, I’ll go back to the room and watch some dramas, if I’m inspired I will write, if not, I’ll just catch up with those series that I haven’t finished watching until my eyes beg me to stop or until I fall asleep.

Well, that’s what my typical day is like. Can you imagine how boring my life is? I can. How about your typical day, what’s it like?


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