[Day 4] Travel Back in Time (List 10 Things You Would Tell Your 16 Year Old Self if You Could)

I’ll be totally honest, I have plenty of moments in my life that I truly regret and that if I was given a chance, if I could travel back in time, may it be through a time machine like what Mi-Rae did in “Mi-Rae’s Choice” or through a wormhole of sort like what Choi Young and Eun Soo did in “Faith” I would pretty much welcome that opportunity. And the challenge is accurate, I do want to meet and be all chummy with my 16 year old self. Here are 10 things that I would tell my 16 year old self, given the chance that is:

1. Take the college course that you really want (Mass Communication) no matter what mother says because even if you finish the course they suggested, in the end you’ll still be yearning for your first love, which is writing. Why torture yourself, believe me, it’s going to be beneficial, it’s gonna open plenty of doors for you.

2. A first love is a first love, it’s not meant to break you nor is it worth wasting away nor taking it out on yourself by taking in harmful habits that we will find hard to break (I’m still struggling with it, believe me.)

3. It is okay if only a few people understand you, do not try so hard to win everyone’s approval because in the end, you’ll only have a few true friends that would really be around during your darkest hour.

4. Try your best to understand where mother is coming from, don’t pity yourself too much. It is best to pay attention; she’s having a rough time as much as you are.

5. Pay attention to your third brother, he’s as clueless and confuse as you are and he doesn’t have half the guts that you do.

6. Do not rush yourself to fall in love just because people around you are doing so, it is wrong in so many levels.

7. Give your best in everything that you do, don’t do things half way; if you started something, make sure to give your best to finish it, I repeat, your best and not just a portion of the best that you can do.

8. Take a foreign language class; you’ll like it very much. Don’t be discouraged if some of the people around you laugh at the thought.

9. Take time to know some of your cousins, you will find they are just waiting for you to open up.

10. Lastly, keep everything that you have written, don’t give up on your dream to publish your compositions.

That’s a long conversation right and I have no idea if I would believe myself just in case it happens or if it is ever going to happen. Who knows though, maybe it would. Harhar!

Four days down and twenty six to go, let’s finish this. 🙂


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