This or That App

I have always had this unexplained fascination with gadgets (be it mobile phones or laptops,) something that I can’t really figure out because I don’t have the means to purchase much of it. Still I make sure that I’m up to date with what’s hot and new, their features, advantages and disadvantages over competitors, the reaction of the public on its release and so on and so forth.

Currently, I am using an Apple device, an iPhone. After my Blackberry died on me, I got stuck with it. Honestly speaking, I don’t dislike Apple, it’s good. I like my phone, except for those times that I have to plug it into the PC just so I could put songs to it thru iTunes and or login a couple of times just to download an App or the limited free Apps available in App Store, yeah, I don’t dislike Apple. I miss App World big time though.

Speaking of Apps (Applications,) I did discover a new App via App Store all thanks to my ever nagging curiosity. Last Saturday, for lack of better things to do (meaning I finished watching the new episodes of the Korean Dramas that I’m currently hooked with and I’m not that inspired to write a poem) I had some beer with one of my roommates. You would think how is that even related to Apps; give me a minute to babble some more to find out.

While drinking, he was tapping away on his Samsung Note 10, saying he discovered a videoke (this is a version of karaoke; Filipinos are known to be videoke addicts, especially those who work overseas, this is a form of entertainment/stress reliever) app via Samsung App Store and that it is like the real deal. Since we were drinking, I said what the heck, let’s give it a try; and we did. The App was cool; it is kinda like the real deal less the score, typical videoke shows the score of the singer after the song and this app doesn’t. But all in all, it’s a cool app. Now, being the ever curious and somewhat envious me, I thought App Store might have that as well and so I keyed in:


3 results, 1 dead end..

I downloaded the first App only to be disappointed because it’s requesting for another device to be paired to it (Magic Sing.) It’s the same case for the 2nd App and the third is a dead end for me because it’s Brazilian, I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese. Did this curious cat stopped at that? Nope, she tries again. This time around she keyed in:


better than none..

Now this app is better, the only problem is:


it’s not free?!

And for you to able to sing it you have to:


Let’s du-et!

Since I am not that well off, I just join those pre-recorded songs and sing parts of it. I get to sing plus there’s a score. The only downside is you can’t sing it on your own unlike that Samsung App; truly you can’t have it all.

I’m undecided if it’s a good App or what, I have to give it time. And though I’m enjoying it so far all I can say is let’s wait some more and see.



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