Pearl of the Orient Sea

“I don’t want to watch the news, I shall not watch the news,” I repeated that over and over in my head since Friday, as if me not watching the news would change the fact that I am well aware that the Visayan Region of my country, the Philippines is facing a disastrous event via typhoon (Haiyan) Yolanda.

Typhoons are not new to my country; we brave numerous typhoons every year, it’s something that can’t be helped, what with the Philippines situated in the Pacific Ocean plus warm air surrounding the Archipelago, the Philippines is prone to typhoons. Yet, no other typhoon has devastated my country like typhoon (Haiyan) Yolanda.

My province might not be directly affected (I’m from Central Luzon, from one of the provinces that typhoon (Nari) Santi wrecked havoc a month ago) but it more than breaks my heart to know the situation in the Philippines right now. I did finally gave in and watched the news, I lasted a few minutes before turning away with a blank expression on my face, trying so hard not to cry.

Today, I read this:

It might be an estimate but still, to say that the devastation was big is an understatement. I feel for my fellow Filipinos (Kababayans) most especially my friends who lost their homes and need to be reconstructed. I understand the uneasiness caused by not being able to contact their loved ones in the Philippines (I experienced it during typhoon Santi; they are just about done restoring the electricity and communication lines.) More importantly, my heart goes to the families who lost their loved ones, more than a destroyed home, a lost life is something that’s cannot be replaced.

On a positive note, I salute my fellow Filipinos who stepped up and did what they can to help those in need. Those who didn’t think of themselves just to be of help to others, Kabayan, I salute you. Truly, the worst of calamities brings people closer together, and I know together, we can stand up again.

If there’s one thing that I am certain, we Filipinos can find a way to turn this around and continue to smile. There’s always a rainbow after the storm and with the world sending in their help, I know and I believe, in God’s perfect time, the pain this typhoon have caused will be completely healed and that we, the Filipinos will stand up, good as new and ready to face the next challenge.


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